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Birdhouses is a Ballpark Renovation introduced in the Season β16 Latesiesta that causes one Bird to land in a ballpark whenever a Foul Ball is hit,[1] slightly lowering a stadium's eDensity.


Birdhouses are a Ballpark Modification that causes a single Bird to arive every time a Foul Ball is hit in that ballpark. Birds can potentially be scared away in Ballparks with the Balloons Modification if they are popped by Home Runs.

A Ballpark's total birds can be seen on it's ballpark info tab, under the Birds heading.

Negative Birds

Due to the potential of Balloons popping and scaring away Birds - there was a point at which teams who had Balloons but no Birdhouses to end up with Negative Birds, also known as Unbirds. This resulted in a slight gain of eDensity and many questions about Birds as a physical concept.


Birdhouses were first seen in the Season β16 Earlsiesta as an available Ballpark Renovation

Ballpark Additions

A bunch of Birdhouses were built:

  1. this is by far the worst pun in blaseball