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Stables is a Ballpark Modification that removes the Unstable modification from any players in the ballpark when 25 runs are scored by a single team.

Stables was Ratified in the Season β23 Latesiesta.

Stables was Nullified in Season β24 Day 45 by the Black Hole (Black Hole).


Stables is a Ballpark Modification that is activated when a team or players is unstable, and one team scores 25 runs in a single game. Stables will take the 25 runs to "stable" all of the players on both teams, removing the  Unstable Modifier.

Due to the very specific conditions required by the modification as well as it's relatively late addition, it only activated once in the Expansion Era.

The Semi-Centennial

The only case of Stables activating came during the Semi-Centennial match at the end of Season 23. When the Vault Legends scored their 25th run against the Rising Stars, they were given 25 Unruns and both teams had all of their unstable players stabled.


Stables first appeared in the Season β23 Earlsiesta as an available ballpark renovation.

Ballpark Additions

Stables were built:

Stables were ratified in the Season β23 Latesiesta.


On Day 45 PolkaDot Patterson of the Moist Talkers nullified Stables by scoring ten runs under the Black Hole (Black Hole).