Bird Hotel

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Bird Hotel is a Ballpark Renovation introduced in the Season β21 Earlsiesta that causes a flock of Birds to join the Ballpark whenever the Home Team parties.

Bird Hotel was Ratified in the Season β21 Latesiesta.

Bird Hotel was Nullified in Season 24 Day 45 by the Black Hole (Black Hole).


Bird Hotel is a Ballpark Modification that activates whenever the Home Team parties, either from being in Party Time, scoring a Holiday Inning, or activating Afterparty. It causes the home team to attract a flock of birds to their ballpark, reducing the ballpark's eDensity.


Bird Hotel was first seen in the Season β21 Earlsiesta, and was built by enough teams to immediately be ratified in the Latesiesta of the same season.

Ballpark Additions

Bird Hotels were built:


On Day 45 of Season β24, London Simmons of the Canada Moist Talkers nullified Bird Hotel by scoring ten runs under the Black Hole (Black Hole).