Hotel Motel

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Hotel Motel is a Ballpark Modification that states it will occasionally create Holiday Innings during the Earlseason, where players party instead of score.

The modification was first offered as a renovation in Season β17. Fourteen teams funded the modification that season and five more did the next, leading it to be Ratified into Non-Physical Law with the passing of Ratification in Season β18.

The first recorded Hotel Motel party occurred on Season β18, Day 7, when San Francisco Lovers player Mint Shupe hit a solo home run in the second inning.

Hotel Motel was nullified by Black Hole (Black Hole) on Season β24, Day 34, by Bonk Jokes.

Hotel Motel Parties

Hotel Motel created 158 Holiday Innings.

Season 18

Day Player(s) Team(s)
7 Mint Shupe San Francisco Lovers
8 Carmelo Plums Chicago Firefighters
9 Anathema Elemefayo New York Millennials
13 Helga Washington, Jode Preston Kansas City Breath Mints
13 Christian Combs Core Mechanics
16 Niq Nyong'o, Ortiz Lopez Atlantis Georgias
23 Oliver Loofah;
Percival Wheeler
Charleston Shoe Thieves;
San Francisco Lovers
27 Logan Rodriguez, James Mora Yellowstone Magic

Season 19

Day Player(s) Team(s)
4 Cannonball Sports Core Mechanics
5 Hatfield Suzuki New York Millennials
7 Eduardo Woodman, Huber Frumple;
Don Mitchell
Philly Pies;
Hawai'i Fridays
7 Jordan Hildebert, Oliver Loofah Charleston Shoe Thieves
10 Velasquez Alstott Charleston Shoe Thieves
10 Brock Watson, Burke Gonzales Mexico City Wild Wings
12 Ziwa Mueller Canada Moist Talkers
14 Ziwa Mueller Canada Moist Talkers
15 Kathy Mathews, Zippy DeShields Breckenridge Jazz Hands
20 Alexander Horne, Mint Shupe San Francisco Lovers
22 Socks Maybe;
Dervin Gorczyca
Chicago Firefighters;
Breckenridge Jazz Hands
24 Dervin Gorczyca Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Season 20

Day Player(s) Team(s)
2 Gerund Pantheocide Tokyo Lift
2 Siobhan Chark;
Summers Preston
Hellmouth Sunbeams;
Mexico City Wild Wings
2[1] Gerund Pantheocide, Elwin McGhee, Rylan O'Lantern, Engine Eberhardt Tokyo Lift
2 Collins Melon, Baby Doyle Breckenridge Jazz Hands
13 Basilio Fig LA Unlimited Tacos
16 Wesley Poole Chicago Firefighters
16 Halexandrey Walton;
Eugenia Garbage, Lucien Patchwork, Randy Dennis
Yellowstone Magic;
Canada Moist Talkers
17 Bobbin Moss Miami Dale
17 Emblem Warhorse, Lenjamin Zhuge Seattle Garages
25 Oliver Mueller, Lenjamin Zhuge Seattle Garages

Season 21

Day Player(s) Team(s)
3 Knight Triumphant, Kline Greenlemon Tokyo Lift
3 Frankie Incarnate, Forrest Best, Rai Spliff, Cory Ross, Engine Eberhardt Dallas Steaks
6 Cory Ross;
Richardson Games
Dallas Steaks;
Charleston Shoe Thieves
7 Tot Clark, Oliver Notarobot, Lotus Mango Seattle Garages
11 Felix Garbage;
Kaz Fiasco
LA Unlimited Tacos;
Baltimore Crabs
16 Geraldine Frost Atlantis Georgias
19 Fish Summer LA Unlimited Tacos
19 Ayanna Dumpington Hades Tigers
24 Kichiro Guerra, Millipede Aqualuft;
Rat Mason, Basilio Fig
Ohio Worms;
LA Unlimited Tacos
25 Logan Rodriguez, Eizabeth Elliott, Jesús Koch Yellowstone Magic
25 Commissioner Vapor Houston Spies
25 Eugenia Bickle Hellmouth Sunbeams
27 Fish Summer, Felix Garbage, Sexton Wheerer LA Unlimited Tacos

Season 22

Day Player(s) Team(s)
2 PolkaDot Patterson, Greer Lott Canada Moist Talkers
9 Howell Franklin, Nagomi Nava Hellmouth Sunbeams
10 Gita Sparrow Chicago Firefighters
10 Malik Destiny;
Richardson Games
Seattle Garages;
Charleston Shoe Thieves
11 Phineas Wormthrice;
Basilio Mason
Hellmouth Sunbeams;
LA Unlimited Tacos
14 Scratch Deleuze;
Flattery McKinley, Slosh Truk, Yurts Buttercup
Ohio Worms;
Atlantis Georgias
20 Mcdowell Mason LA Unlimited Tacos
22 Joshua Watson Mexico City Wild Wings
22 Jaxon Buckley (twice), Dudley Mueller, Doc Anice, Eduardo Woodman Philly Pies
24 Rigby Friedrich;
Kathy Mathews, Dervin Gorczyca
Atlantis Georgias;
Breckenridge Jazz Hands
25 Silvia Winner, Kurt Crueller San Francisco Lovers
26 Hahn Fox, Hendricks Richardson Hellmouth Sunbeams

Season 23

Day Player(s) Team(s)
1 Engine Eberhardt Tokyo Lift
7 Clove Mahle, Lotus Mango Philly Pies
8 Eugenia Garbage Canada Moist Talkers
10 Swamuel Mora, Gabriel Griffith Chicago Firefighters
15 Logan Rodriguez Yellowstone Magic
17[2] Joshua Watson, Burke Gonzales, Huber Frumple, Stephanie Winters, Summers Preston;
Chambers Kennedy, Inez Owens, Zeboriah Whiskey, Lenny Spruce
Mexico City Wild Wings;
Boston Flowers
22 Adelaide Judochop (twice) Core Mechanics
26 Ayanna Dumpington Hades Tigers

Season 24

Day Player(s) Team(s)
1 Theodore Duende Seattle Garages
2 Simon Haley Charleston Shoe Thieves
2 Commissioner Vapor;
Lenny Crumb, Scratch Deleuze
Houston Spies;
Ohio Worms
4 Katy Cornbread, Lenny Crumb, Scratch Deleuze Ohio Worms
8 Summers Preston Mexico City Wild Wings
11 Ziwa Mueller Yellowstone Magic
13 Parker MacMillan, Peanut Holloway, Doc Anice Philly Pies
14 Geraldine Frost Atlantis Georgias
18 Kelvin Drumsolo, Bees Taswell Core Mechanics
19 Ayanna Dumpington, Famous Owens, Hatfield Suzuki, Lottie Ceilingfan Hades Tigers
20 Steph Weeks Breckenridge Jazz Hands
25 Conner Haley, Richardson Games Charleston Shoe Thieves
25 Mint Shupe, Alexander Horne San Francisco Lovers


  1. This was the second Holiday Inning in the game.
  2. This is the single Holiday Inning with the most parties in it, with nine between the two teams.