Rylan O'Lantern

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Rylan O'Lantern was a player in the Shadows for the Tokyo Lift. O'Lantern was with the team from Season β17, Day 44 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

O'Lantern joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Tokyo Lift on Season β17, Day 44 after the incineration of Stijn Strongbody.

On Season β20, Day 101, O'Lantern was swept  Elsewhere... and gained the Negative modification as a result of Nandy Slumps' Undertaker modification.

On Season β21, Day 76, O'Lantern retreated to the Lift's Shadows in exchange for Grollis Zephyr at Tokyo Fitness Center via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Rylan O'Lantern Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-1667 and start reading...

The waters beyond this point are uncharted, tales from distant shores echoed back into our reality.


The following accounts can be traced to a single leather-bound journal originally found in a locked wooden chest alongside a sextant-like device of indeterminate origin and a shell that matches no known species of mollusc. The chest was located in a storage room in the Legscraper’s lower levels that was described as “smelling faintly of the sea”. Subsequent attempts to locate and navigate to said room have been unsuccessful thus far. The journal details the exploits of the crew of a large sailing vessel, The Tokyo Adrift, descriptions of which are largely consistent with mid-17th century galleons.

With the Tokyo Adrift

Rylan O'Lantern fulfilled an unclear role on the crew of the Adrift. forty and four days deep. Eir appearance on the ship was seemingly consistent with descriptions of Consumers roaming the Immateria, although ey did not seem to attack the crew, and they treated O'Lantern without suspicion. The Trench is forty and four days deep. The reason for their appearance is unclear, as they are simply mentioned in one entry as if they had always been there. Forty and four breaths. Scholars disagree on O'Lantern's nature and relation to Captain Strongbody, who is also first mentioned in said entry after a long absence in the journal. forty and four breaths to take a dead man home. One prominent theory is that Captain Strongbody died and was brought back to life by O'Lantern, and although necromantic magic was uncommon, it was certainly possible, if not probable. Forty and four days to take a dead man out. O'Lantern was party to the events of 1667, during which ey is mentioned consoling eir Captain before I swam the entire distance twice. Although what effect this had on his own actions is unknown, as the bottom of the page has been ruined by sea spray- or, perhaps, tears. once to take him to my home, once to bring him to his.

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