Frankie Incarnate

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Frankie Incarnate is a player for the Chicago Firefighters, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Incarnate has previously played for the Dallas Steaks and Tokyo Lift.

Official League Records

Incarnate joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Dallas Steaks on Season β17, Day 62 after the incineration of Allison Abbott.

During the Season β19 earlsiesta Incarnate was given the Seeker modification as part of the seasonal reading.

On Season β24, Day 32, Niq Nyong'o of the Philly Pies hit Incarnate with a pitch, causing Incarnate to be Observed. Later, after play ended on Day 35, Incarnate disappeared from the Steaks' lineup, and they were Redacted. On Day 37, Incarnate exited the Secret Base at The Atlantean Dome, losing Redacted and gaining the Attractor modification. Upon being batted in by Cicero Gubbins, Incarnate joined the Tokyo Lift's Shadows.

During the October 28, 2022 Fall Ball, Incarnate fell to the Chicago Firefighters.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Frankie Incarnate has a talent that few have: the ability to divine the future by reading patterns of grill marks. Incarnate calls themself a meat whisperer; others call them a sear seer. They can examine the grill marks on steaks, gyoza, pineapple, and more to determine the future.

This does not mean that you should ever, under any circumstances, listen to what they have to say. Despite their legitimate talent, Incarnate has made a name for themself as a scammer and a con artist. They claim that their dishonesty is a way of protecting their powers so that nobody can take advantage of them; they also claim that it’s just fun to lie. Do not give Incarnate your credit card information. Seriously. Don’t do it.

Incarnate has been withholding about what inspired them to join the Dallas Steaks. They have never mentioned any connection with Allison Abbott, who they replaced after incineration, or with other team members. Incarnate’s on-the-record explanation, that they were looking for a bigger crowd to scam, has been met with skepticism. Some Steaks fans find it more likely that Incarnate predicted the incineration and, for lack of a better solution, decided to step up themself.

The Many Faces of Frankie Incarnate

According to the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, some things never change, even across dimensions. Someone, somewhere, decided to catalog all the different versions of Frankie Incarnate in a Rumor Registry, but today the version from IF-14.07 is playing. Here’s what the rumors say...

Upon first glance, Frankie Incarnate appears to be either a person, a lava lamp, or a large person-shaped lava lamp. The truth is somewhere in between these. Incarnate certainly looks like a lava lamp, but also like a person. They’ve been reclusive about their origins, only saying that they were “what they need to be.”

Incarnate has said that rather than being one person, they identify as “a legion of lost souls.” While they refuse to explain who these souls are, why they’re lost, or how Incarnate came to embody them, the truth of their claim is undeniable. The souls within Incarnate can take turns fronting and controlling the body. This is often accompanied by changes in the lava lamp, either in color or in the flow of the lava within the body.

While each soul has slightly different personalities and preferences, a few things remain largely constant. Incarnate is outspoken and unafraid to speak their mind, even if they come off as rude. They’re bold and friendly; despite the tragic circumstances surrounding their joining the team, they’re determined to befriend everyone.

On the Dallas Steaks

In the Season β19 Earlsiesta, Incarnate was granted the Seeker modification. Incarnate’s internal legion of souls discovered that they can work together to clearly navigate the Immateria. Whether Incarnate begins by grilling or ends with thousands upon thousands internal voices shouting which direction to go, they’ve proven themself capable at rescuing their teammates from Elsewhere.

Incarnate’s aggressive attempts at making friends first paid off with [Engine Eberhardt]]. Incarnate was happy to help Eberhardt adjust to Dallas, and the two became fast friends, with Incarnate helping Eberhardt perfect its speedrun records.

Redaction & Attraction to Tokyo Lift

Early in Season 24, Incarnate became agitated after grilling sessions. They refused to tell the Steaks what was going on, but even the non-sear seers on the team could tell that the sear marks on all of Incarnate’s food looked strange. Incarnate could be seen whispering furiously to themself, either having a conversation with the legion within or just talking to themself.

These prophecies culminated when Incarnate was Redacted in the midseason. They emerged two days later and were attracted to the Tokyo Lift. The shock of their transition was eased by Eberhardt’s presence on the Lift. Eberhardt happily helped their friend adjust to the reality of being in Tokyo, and was there as Incarnate recovered from their redaction.

Incarnate eventually realized that the Lift were steering through the Immateria trying to reach the Horizon. They immediately took up grilling again, now using the Lift’s homemade gyoza to help divine the safest path. Incarnate worked closely with Ankle Halifax, who was in charge of steering the ship. Before the Lift were nullified, Incarnate and Halifax were last seen spreading out a selection of meats, trying to decide which way to steer.