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Anathema Elemefayo is a pitcher for the New York Millennials, and has been with the team since Season 16, Day 92.

Official League Records

Elemefayo joined the ILB as a lineup player for the New York Millennials on Season 16, Day 92 after the incineration of Winnie Mccall.

Elemefayo currently holds the seasonal strikeout record, earning 375 strikeouts throughout the regular Season 17 season, breaking the previous record set by Caleb Novak of the Miami Dale with 350 throughout Season 15.

In Season 18 elections, the Millennials used the Alternate Trust will on Elemefayo, calling the player's alternate who came with the Negative modification.

During Season 19, Elemefayo was among the top 10 lineup players for most balls on base (walks), at tenth place with 59 walks.

On Season 21, Day 78, Elemefayo retreated to the Millennials' Shadows in exchange for Patty Fox at New York, New York Arena, Arena via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 82, Elemefayo joined the Millennials' pitching rotation in exchange for Conrad Vaughan via New York, New York Arena, Arena's Fax Machine. During the Season 21 elections, Elemefayo retreated to the Shadows as a result of the Millennials' Move will.

On Season 22, Day 12, Elemefayo rejoined the Millennials' pitching rotation in exchange for Theodore Cervantes via New York, New York Arena, Arena's Fax Machine. On Day 100, Elemefayo retreated to the Millennials' Shadows in exchange for Evelton McBlase II via the Fax Machine. On Day 102, Elemefayo rejoined the Millennials' pitching rotation in exchange for Schneider Bendie as a result of the Fax Machine.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Who IS Anathema Elemefayo?


  • Anathema is a bigender gorgon (pronouns he/him/she/her, often swapping between masc and femme pronouns mid-sentence when referring to him; e.g. He's going live on Twiltch, she's playing Flortnite)
  • Anathema's snake hair are left long, and "haircuts" are often when they shed their skin. The snake hairs are all referred to with they/them pronouns. The snakes name themselves, often to Ana's chagrin. Three of them are named Beans because they heard Millie the Bodega Cat say "beans" once, so Ana resorts to tying brown, green, and blue ribbons around them (Beans [Coffee], Beans [Coffee 2], Beans [Coffee 3s]). Often Ana's snakes names are sourced from his Twiltch chat, such as PinchersonGames, LGMBLDM42069, 360NoScope, etc.


  • On camera/while streaming, Anathema Elemefayo is a Pro Gamer and will often dunk on her Twiltch chat (lovingly) and his opponents in games (aggressively). Off camera, behind closed doors, Anathema deals with a lot of performance anxiety, hoping to make the people in his life proud of her. Ana is something of an anime protagonist trope for the Mills, as a member of a new generation, "Youth Will Save Us" and all that re: Mills culture; working to be better for himself, her loved ones, and his fans.


  • Anathema's parents are immortal gorgons from ancient Greece, and emigrated to New York City at some point in the past. They quickly became New York Millennials fans, and it is believed Thomas Dracaena is friendly with them. Ana and his family pronounce their last name like "Lamiafeio" (/leːmiaˈfe:o/ in IPA). Ana himself is approximately mid/late twenties.
  • Ana, as a result, has also been a lifelong blaseball fan, with Winnie Mccall as a favorite player to follow. When approached to join the ILB as Winnie's incineration replacement, Ana was incredibly nervous but overjoyed. He tries her best to make his favorite team and her family proud.

Life Outside Blaseball

  • As a side-hustle, Anathema is a content creator on multiple platforms, but primarily focuses on his Twiltch channel. Often following what the algorithm gives her, Ana does take some time to engage in his other talents, such as amateur songwriting and visual art.

Team Relationships

  • Anathema Elemefayo was a big fan of Winnie Mccall, and moved into the Recording Room of the Mills Apartment where Winnie, Chorby Soul, and Wesley Dudley used to use to record podcasts, music, and gaming streams.
  • Thomas Dracaena is a family friend, and while Drac attempts to consider him an equal on the team, Anathema feels like she wants to be respectful to him as a friend of his parents.
  • Sandie Turner, trying to move on from the death of eyr best friend Winnie, took Ana under eyr wing as a personal trainer and mentor.
  • Anathema Elemefayo is part of a polycule with Patty Fox and Hatfield Suzuki.
  • Greer Gwiffin and Ana have a sort of fun uncle and nibling vibe, and bond with each other over potential issues they both deal with given their traits as were-owl and gorgon respectively.
  • Nandy Fantastic and Ana are entertainers at heart, and often exchange trade secrets to improve each others' respective craft.
  • Ana became fast friends with Chorby Soul IV, and the two hung out in the Mills' Apartment Recording Room.