Lovers Lost In the Infinite Los Angeli

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On day 13 of season 5, the San Francisco Lovers traveled to the Infinite Los Angeli for a seemingly normal set of matches against the Unlimited Tacos. However, when the Lovers attempted to leave at the end of day 15, they found themselves hopelessly lost. As Parker Meng was usually the navigator through the Infinite Los Angeli, the team innocently assumed that her alternate reality equivalent would do the job this time. Unfortunately when asked, Meng responded "Why would I know my way around Los Angeles? Kennedy's the one who always navigates. He loves it, that's why they call him Kennedy Map. Wait, Kennedy MEH?! God, I hate this universe."

As a temporary measure, The Lovers' game schedule was readjusted to include only games against the Tacos, until they managed to return home. However, about a week into the incident there was a scheduling problem. Every single one of the infinite alternate versions of the Tacos were scheduled for away games on days 19-21. Miraculously, the Lovers instead encountered an alternate reality version of the Dallas Steaks, who were also lost. In the interest of ensuring blaseball games on every day of the season, the Commissioner allowed the Lovers and alternate Steaks to play at the Al Pastor Memorial Park, and counted the result of these games in both universes.

After over two weeks of the Lovers being trapped, the commissioner had to take desperate action. A team was needed for a rescue mission: a job for which the Charleston Shoe Thieves graciously volunteered. It is largely accepted that the commissioner did a great job in making this arrangement.

However, blaseball must go on; matches between the Shoe Thieves and the Lovers were held, again at the Al Pastor Memorial Park. After these matches, Richardson and Cornelius Games personally led the Lovers out of the Infinite Cities, and they were finally able to return home. The Lovers thanked the Gameses profusely and made it almost all the way back to the Polyhedron before realizing that the entire team's cleats had gone missing.

The extended stay in the Infinite Los Angeli was not without side effects. It is believed that in this time the Lovers and Tacos formed a temporary fate link, or soulbond. For the next 15 days of the season, a Lovers win would ALWAYS result in a Tacos loss, and vice versa, regardless of who either team was playing against. Scientists are still trying to determine the specific process by which this occurred.