Facts/Lore Disambiguation Guide

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This page is the definitive guide for what on this wiki is considered Hard Facts, and what is Community Lore developed by the community. This page can and will change depending on how the official game of Blaseball changes. Anything that falls under the list of Hard Facts is unchanging by anyone except The Commissioner (aka the developers of Blaseball.com).

Hard Facts

  • Player names
  • Team names
  • Team cities
  • Player ratings
  • Player status
  • Incinerations
  • Game events
  • Game results
  • Ticker quotes
  • Game mechanics
  • Season events
  • Commissioner tweets
  • Umpire statements (as posted on the official Discord)

In general, knowable things about the game of Blaseball come from Blaseball.com, and they are considered Hard Facts. Two additional sources include The Commissioner's Twitter account and messages from the Umpires in the official Discord server. This can be a little fuzzy, as sometimes The Commissioner will retweet some fan art, or the Umps will joke about something written on this wiki. Information from these sources is taken on a case by case basis.

Community Lore

Anything outside of the above list is considered Community Lore. Examples of such things include, but are not limited to:

  • Player pronouns
  • Player nicknames
  • Player histories
  • Team stadiums
  • Team logos and art
  • Extra-blaseball histories
  • City details
  • Non-player beings

This list is not exhaustive. Community lore is ever expanding and is covering new topics every day.