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For the Team Modification which will cause its players to play 50% better in Birds weather, see Affinity for Crows.
For the Team Modification which will cause its players to be attacked by Birds more often, see Curse of Crows.

Friend of Crows is a Player Modification, first seen after the Season β9 elections and the passing of the Forecast:Birds decree.


When a pitcher with Friend of Crows plays in Birds weather, there is an increased likelihood of the Crows ambushing the player at-bat, resulting in an automatic out. A Friend-of-crows activated bird attack will be preceded in the event log with "X calls on their friends!"

Friend of Crows has no known effect on players in the Lineup or Shadows.

The use of Reform Wills has successfully given a player Friend of Crows and removed Friend of Crows from a player. This happened to Chorby Short's Unstable modification in Season β17, and Yeong-Ho Garcia in Season β19 (who gained Walk in the Park).


Mystery Blessings

Friend of Crows, along with player modifications Siphon and Fire Eater, was first given to players following the Season β9 Elections as a result of fans voting for the decrees Forecast:Birds, Forecast:Blooddrain and Forecast: Eclipse. One pitcher from every active team in the ILB at the time received a permanent version of the modification.

Season 10 Idol Board

During Season β10, the Idol Leaderboard featured weather icons (for Birds, Blooddrain and Eclipse) in fixed positions, with the names of incinerated players changing to similar hue as that of the Hall and Monitor. The icon for Birds weather was on positions 3 and 12. This prompted efforts to move Incinerated players into these positions, however: last-minute changes on Day 99 resulted in Caligula Lotus (deceased) and Hahn Fox (less deceased) gaining a version of the Friend of Crows modification with a season-length duration.[1]


  • Birds do not require a pitcher with Friend of Crows to be present in order to attack players at bat - this was best demonstrated a full season before Friend of Crows was introduced, with the event now known as Crowvertime.
  • Due to their extended tenure as the Unlimited Tacos' only pitcher, Sexton Wheerer holds the undisputed lifetime record of bird attacks orchestrated, totalling 73 avian assaults on ILB batters.
    • It is unknown if this has anything to do with their pre-game ritual of "eating a bird".
  • Grey Alvarado holds the dubious honour of holding the record of most bird attacks experienced. They have been attacked on 9 separate incidents, only one more than notable Crowvertime instigator Alexander Horne.
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  1. As neither player pitched before their Release and season's end, respectively, this endeavor was entirely pointless.