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Supernaturally Good

Garcia grew up in a relatively secluded area of Pinnacle Mountain within Yellowstone Park. Learning early on that they were gifted with a tint of the supernatural, they shortly began a love affair with blaseball, after having been enrolled in the Local Llittle League at the age of seven.

Having discovered a love of pitching, they began to practice and noticed they had a natural connection to blaseballs which were slightly smudged with local soil.

Becoming the second slotted pitcher in their high school team, the Theofate Titans, they were soon noticed by those silent hooded scouts from the ILB.

Taking some time away from the sport to locate the ghost of their great grandmother, recently discovered to be reincarnated as their current house cat, Yeong-Ho was invited to join the Magic, and helped guide the team to where they are today.

Described as 'lanky' by most, with short hair and a warm-hearted smile, their appearance seems to shift often, only in quite subtle ways, but always into forms that those viewing them would describe as 'putting at ease'.

After Season Three of the Blaseball series, Yeong-Ho began their traditional trek into the wilderness. It was while they were out that the announcement of a Prolonged Siesta was announced. They took this time to travel yet deeper into the Park, where they stumbled upon a vast network of caves. Exploring for a while, they began to follow a chorus of whispers, leading them towards a small chamber, deep under the hidden access to Fairy Falls.

It was here that Yeong-Ho began to understand just what their abilities could do, and how they could help them and the Magic in the future. In exchange for such knowledge, Yeong-Ho's left eye had become crystallized, shimmering with a faint purple glow. It is currently unknown if there are any properties to this, however Yeong-Ho has insisted that their vision has not been compromised. It should be pointed out, however, that there are now more instances of the pieces of chewing gum that have been stuck under the stadium's chairs for so long, to have begun pulsing and shifting, possibly starting to meld together.

During the fourth season of Blaseball, Yeong-Ho began feeling vibrations during a game pitching. They looked around, assuming that all was safe, and brushed it off as a shiver of energy. But then they noticed that their abilities seemed to have altered in some way, and there was a heaviness on their shoulders that wasn't there before. What they didn't know was that they had been swapped for a double of themselves, and were now stuck in [Bluesky]. As a result, the rest of the team began to see them standing upside down, but never really said much else, except those more attuned to the disturbances around them.

They are currently still in [Bluesky], but have accepted that things may be different, and are enjoying new walks in a different version of the Park, and learning many new secrets as they watch what happens with the team. They can only hope that this alternate version will help the team much like they have before.