Yellowstone Caverns

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The incredible natural beauty that exists above in Yellowstone National Park also extends below, into the Yellowstone Caverns!

Yellowstone's unique geological characteristics are in large part responsible for the extravagant natural diversity in the region. The volcanic rock and soil which makes up the majority of the park's foundation allow for the hundreds of geysers which help to make Yellowstone so iconic. This geography has also resulted in a massive cave system which extends across the entire grounds of the park and beyond.

These caverns are often studied by geologists from around the world due to their unique shape and contents. It is thought that the caverns formed some several hundred thousand years ago during a monumental eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera, though dissenting opinions exist. Resident Yellowstone topographical researcher Eizabeth Elliott has been heard referring to this theory as "blatantly impossible," saying the caverns are "direct insults" to the fields of volcanology and geology.

Whatever their origins, these mysterious caverns can be accessed from several camp sites, and are open to the public on almost all days the park is operational.

Note: Any and all Yellowstone Caverns Campsites can be closed at any time based on the discretion of the Park Rangers. Thank you for your cooperation. Tours are also available, departing daily from the Acheron station! Please ensure you follow all safety guidelines when taking your SUPERVISED tour of the Yellowstone Caverns.

Guidelines can be viewed here.