Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 11

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Season β11 saw the Magic improving slightly. Thanks to Wild Cards, the team qualified for the postseason for the first time since Season β1, and thanks to O No, they ended the season as semifinalists.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Day Player
96 Washer Barajas
98 Sutton Picklestein
98 Curry Aliciakeyes
99 Yeong-Ho Garcia

Election Outcomes


Due to  Total Fairness, every team, including the Yellowstone Magic, received a blessing. Due to Total Fairness, vote percentages may be innacurate as teams were removed from the raffle upon winning a blessing.

  • I blessed the Yellowstone Magic.
    Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic receive I The Magician.
    • The Magic had 84% of the Votes and were the highest bidders. 271,830 votes were cast.

Season Overview

With the addition of O No, the Magic posted a strong season, ending with a 51-48 record and 45 wins. While the team did not qualify for the post season, they were the Wild Cards for the Mild Conference. The team defeated the Dallas Steaks 2-1 in the Mild Card series and the Canada Moist Talkers 3-1 in the division series, only to fall 4-1 to the Seattle Garages in the Mild League Conference Series.

In the elections, the Magic won the Magician Arcana.