Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 2

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In Season β2, the Yellowstone Magic narrowly missed out on qualifying for the postseason. This season also marked the team's first incinerations, and the beginning of their blessing drought.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes


Day Player Replaced by
64 Sosa Elftower Halexandrey Walton
65 Famous Oconnor Cory Twelve

Election Outcomes


The Magic won no blessings during this election, nor were they affected by a blessing won by another team.

Season Overview

During Season 2, the Magic placed 3rd in the Chaotic Good league and 5th in the Good Conference, narrowly missing the postseason. The team also lost two players: Sosa Elftower and Famous Oconnor, the latter of whom was only the second pitcher to be incinerated midgame. The team received no blessings in the election.