Yellowstone Magic (Gamma 1)

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This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Yellowstone Magic.

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The Yellowstone Magic are a Gamma 1 Internet League Blaseball team in the Liquid Good Division of the Liquid League. They have been a part of Gamma 1 since Gamma 1, Season 1. The Microphone shorted out following Gamma 1, Season 2 and their present status is unknown.


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Lineup Rotation
  • Map Frumple
  • Bernie Strawberry
  • Florian Arkady
  • Jolene Grasshopper
  • Yuki Nothing
  • Bruno George
  • Isaiah Larch
  • Bernie Hoarse
  • Alexander Briar

Roster Changes


Postseason Births

  • Bernie Hoarse (Season 1)

Static Charges

Unknown Origin

  • Alexander Briar (appeared on roster following Season 2)

Fate Unknown

Season Results

Season 1

79-41 record; 3-5 postseason record

The Magic finished second in the Liquid Good division, easily qualifying for the postseason. The second-seed team battled it out with the fourth-seed Shoe Thieves, eking out a 3-2 series win. In the Liquid Conference Championship Series, the team was swept by the Steaks, who would go on to win the Internet Series.

In the Season 1 Elections, the Magic won the More Eyes Amplification, which boosted the defense of the Magic's entire roster. The team also won the Lead Investment Distortion, which moved the team’s best batter, Muggsy Holiday, to the beginning of the lineup.

Season 2

59-61 record

Despite their strong first season and election wins, the Magic fell to the wayside in Season 2, finishing 5th in their division. In the elections, the team chose to Charge Nanci Hardcore.