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This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Charleston Shoe Thieves.

The Charleston Shoe Thieves are a Gamma 1 Internet League Blaseball team in the Liquid Good Division of the Liquid Conference. They have been a part of Gamma 1 since Gamma 1, Season 1 and were revealed along with the entirety of Gamma 1 on the website between October 26th, 2021 and October 31st, 2021. Since the Microphone shorted out in Gamma 1, their status is unknown.


This is the Roster as it was revealed along with the entirety of Gamma 1.

Lineup Rotation
  • May Larue
  • Cravel Mondavi
  • Johm Santana
  • Elle Darling
  • Momo Warren
  • Sawyer Kendall
  • Olivia Tesfaye
  • Quin Favors
  • Tron Burkhard
  • Amelia Gorczyca
  • Bernie Yes
  • Gustavo Boo
  • Clementine Arenas
  • Isaiah Hardcore
  • Aza Favors
  • Marlie Griffin
  • Scratch Pasta
  • Kevan Cheese
  • Kevin Mejia
  • Urban Genius
  • Quentin Mondegreen

Player History

Date Removed Added Cause
1 47 - Anomaly Chamberlain + Clementine Arenas 🌮 Feedback
2 50 - Bertrude Marama + Kevan Cheese 👟 Incineration
2 52 - Kevan Cheese + Maya Sagaba 👟 Night Shift
2 81 - Mooch Yolk + Sawyer Kendall 🍬 Feedback
2 EL - Darren Quest Charge (Asserted)
? - Maya Sagaba + Quin Favors 🔱 Unknown

Season Results

Gamma 1, Season 1

On Day 47, Shoe Thieves pitcher Anomaly Chamberlain was caught in the Feedback against the LA Unlimited Tacos, exchanged for Clementine Arenas.

The Shoe Thieves qualified for the Postseason as the 2nd seed in the Liquid Conference, with a record of 69-51. They earned Quentin Mondegreen as a Postseason Birth.

Division Series vs. Canada Moist Talkers

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher Link
Day 121
Solar Eclipse
Unknown 🗣️ 6 - 7 👟 Unknown Game Page
Day 122
Unknown 👟 2 - 4 🗣️ Unknown Game Page
Day 123
Unknown 🗣️ 1 - 5 👟 Unknown Game Page

The Shoe Thieves took the series 2 - 1 and advanced to the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Finals vs. Yellowstone Magic

Day Weather Away Pitcher Score Home Pitcher Link
Day 124
Solar Eclipse
Unknown 👟 6 - 1 Unknown Game Page
Day 125
Unknown 7 - 5 👟 Unknown Game Page
Day 126
Solar Eclipse
Unknown 👟 5 - 3 Unknown Game Page
Day 127
Unknown 17 - 4 👟 Unknown Game Page
Day 128
Unknown 👟 2 - 5 Unknown Game Page

The Yellowstone Magic took the series 3 - 2. The Shoe Thieves were eliminated.

In the Gamma 1, Season 1 Elections, the Shoe Thieves received More Toes as an Amplification, granting their entire roster a small Baserunning boost.

Gamma 1, Season 2

On Day 50, Shoe Thieves hitter Bertrude Marama was incinerated, replaced by Kevan Cheese. Kevan would only play for 2 days, as they were replaced on Day 52 by Maya Sagaba in a Night Shift.

On Day 81, Shoe Thieves hitter Mooch Yolk was caught in the Feedback against the Kansas City Breath Mints, exchanged for Sawyer Kendall.

The Shoe Thieves ended the regular season with a record of 60-60. They were in 4th place in the Liquid Good division and did not qualify for the Postseason.

In the Gamma 1, Season 2 Elections, no existing Feed message indicates who the Shoe Thieves Charged, if anyone. However, Darren Quest is missing from their roster and it is inferred they were targeted and turned into Static. The LA Unlimited Tacos Charged former Shoe Thief Anomaly Chamberlain.

Unexplained Events

Further roster changes happened to the Gamma 1 Charleston Shoe Thieves that have no visible explanations in the Feed.

Shoe Thieves hitter Maya Sagaba was in the Atlantis Georgias' lineup when Gamma 1 was revealed. Similarly, Georgias hitter Quin Favors was in the Shoe Thieves' lineup. It is inferred both players were exchanged some time after the end of Season 2, as they were each playing for their former team during their respective final games.

According to hitters' appearances in games, the Shoe Thieves' lineup was reordered at an unknown time following the end of Gamma 1, Season 2.

Lineup as of Season 2 Day 120 Lineup on Gamma 1 Reveal