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Gamma 1 (sometimes referred to as Circuit 0) was a Short Circuit that became viewable on the Blaseball website on October 26, 2021, and is the first iteration of Gamma viewable. It began on October 4, 2021 and concluded on October 17, 2021. It was comprised of a two Seasons lasting one week each. It is unknown what features were being tested during this Short Circuit.


After it began in Season 1, Gamma 1 ran for 2 Seasons.


As Fans gathered to watch the creation of Gamma 2 on October 26, 2021, the Teams and Players were revealed from this Gamma 1, including Feed entries and game logs from the first three games of Season 1. It is currently speculated that Gamma 1 was an internal test by The Game Band to ensure that the Short Circuits would work correctly.

As no games were able to be watched live by Fans, it is unknown what features were being tested, or what features were removed from the end of the Expansion Era.

Known Features

The known features of Gamma 1 are:

Known Seasons


Gamma 1 saw the introduction of new Sub-Leagues (simply named "Liquid" and "Solid") and Divisons (named "Good" and Evil").




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