Yellowstone Magic (Gamma 4)

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This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Yellowstone Magic.

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The Yellowstone Magic are a Gamma 4 Internet League Blaseball team in the Uptempo Jam Division of the Uptempo Conference. They have been a part of Gamma 4 since Gamma 4, Season 1. The Microphone shorted out at the end of the season and their present status is unknown.


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Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes


Night Shift


Static Charges

Season Results

Season 1

85-77 record; 1-2 postseason record

In the Midseason Election, the Magic voted to throw a Rager blessing, which boosted the team's Musclitude, Ground Friction, and Continuation. The team also selected Errol Wool as the Guest of Honor; this resulted in Wool experiencing a combined star change of 10.9 15.1 and gaining the  Life of the Party modification. The Magic finished third in the Uptempo Jam division and fourth in the Uptempo conference overall. The team lost in the second round of playoffs to the Breath Mints. In the final election, the team chose to charge Errol Wool. Due to an error, Wool was charged three times and gained three  Static modifications.