Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 13

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In Season β13, the Yellowstone Magic finished 12th in the league after another decidedly middle-of-the-road season.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Day Player Replaced by
13 Sutton Picklestein Kurt Crueller


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
35 Francisco Preston Flooding 39 4 days n/a
46 Wyatt Glover Flooding 52 6 days n/a


Day Player
94 Bevan Wise
96 James Mora
96 Eizabeth Elliott
97 Wyatt Glover
98 James Mora
99 King Weatherman



Players on the idol board in certain positions would receive the Ego modification and subsequent boosts. On Day 99 this season, the following player(s) received the following boosts.

Player New Ego Level
Wyatt Glover Ego+
Sutton Picklestein [1] Ego+

Election Outcomes


  • Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic vote to infuse Chorby Short.
    • Chorby Short is Infused.
      • Combined 10.2 15.3
    • Infuse - 48% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 8% of Magic Infuse Votes
      Final Odds - 4% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic chose to bring Tiana Wheeler forth from the shadows, via a foreshadow swap with Wyatt Glover.
    • The Magic made a roster move.
    • Wyatt Glover entered the Shadows.
      • Combined 8.9 9.5
    • Foreshadow - 26% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 95% of Magic Foreshadow Votes
      Final Odds - 25% chance of happening.


The Magic did not win any blessings and were not affected by blessings won by other teams.

Season Overview

The Magic put up a slightly better performance than last season, finishing with a 55-44 record. The team's season was characterized by an early tragedy in the form of the incineration of Sutton Picklestein, a longtime player. Despite the loss, the Magic performed well. At the end of the season, both Picklestein and Wyatt Glover were named MVPs and gained the Ego+ modification.

In the election, the Magic chose to infuse fan favorite Chorby Short, and to send Wyatt Glover to the shadows in exchange for longtime shadow Tiana Wheeler. The Magic also watched in amused, confused horror as Picklestein was necromanced by the Boston Flowers, plundered by the Kansas City Breath Mints, and ultimately returned to the Hall of Flame.

  1. Despite Picklestein's incineration early in the season, fans intentionally idolized them and other shadowed/incinerated players in order to protect active players from the as-of-yet unknown effects of being named an MVP.