Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 3

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In Season β3, the Yellowstone Magic once again narrowly missed out on qualifying for the postseason. However, the team managed to avoid experiencing any weather events.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes

The Magic experienced no roster changes or allergic reactions this season.

Election Outcomes


The Magic won no blessings during this election, nor were they affected by a blessing won by another team.

Season Overview

During Season 3, the Magic placed 5th in their conference for the second season in a row, marking another narrow miss with the postseason. The team managed to avoid impacts of the new Peanuts decree and weather, as well as avoiding further incinerations.

The team received no blessings in the election. However, they were the highest bidders for the Rigour Mortis and Pretty Plz? blessings, with 21% and 24% respectively.