Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 16

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Season β16 continued the Yellowstone Magic's streak of tough luck. The team ended 9th in the league with 53 wins.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Seasonal Reading

In the earlsiesta, the Magic's Arcana was pulled. The full reading is as follows:

materia immateria
XVI The Tower
I The Magician
V The Hierophant

  • Collins Melon, UPSTREAM
    • -  Alternate
  • James Mora, UPSTREAM
    • -  Superyummy

As a result of this reading, James Mora lost the Superyummy modification.

Hit By Pitch

Players this season could be hit by pitches in two ways: by fielding an out from York Silk or by being hit by pitcher Chorby Soul. Both Silk and Soul had Debt that would result in any player being hit by pitch becoming  Observed until the end of the week, with a chance of becoming  Redacted.

Day Player Cause Result
32 Oscar Dollie Flyout from York Silk Wore off on Day 36
94 Oscar Dollie Flyout from York Silk Redacted on Day 97 via Secret Base
96 Tiana Wheeler Flyout from York Silk Redacted on Day 99 via Coffee

Reverb Shuffles

Day Type Affected Players
30 Partial King Weatherman Rotation

Logan Rodriguez Lineup
Francisco Preston Rotation


The Magic began the season with  Afterparty, granting them a few parties at the beginning of the season.

Day Player
3 Oscar Dollie
4 Curry Aliciakeyes


  • Teamicon magic.png
    Inconvenience - - 5,880,383 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon magic.png
    Sun 2 + - 6,216,582 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon magic.png
    Sweetener - 5,641,481 Coins Spent

Election Outcomes


  • Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic vote to move James Mora to their Lineup.
    • The Magic made a roster move.
    • Move - 45% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 92% of Magic Move Votes
      Final Odds - 41% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic chose to bring Melton Telephone forth from the shadows, via a foreshadow swap with Francisco Presto-.
    • The Magic made a roster move.
    • Francisco Presto- entered the Shadows.
      • Combined 13.8 14.5
    • Foreshadow - 38% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 97% of Magic Foreshadow Votes
      Final Odds - 37% chance of happening.


Season Overview

The Magic posted a Magic-typical 10th place season. The team experienced two more Redactions as well as a reverb that severely de-optimized their rotation. On Day 98, the team entered Party Time.

In the elections, the Magic made attempts to re-optimize and re-lengthen their lineup. The team moved James Mora to the lineup and foreshadowed recently-reverbed pitcher Francisco Preston in favor of Melton Telephone. The team also received Shoes via the Shoes Supply Run blessing, but accidentally also won the Glove Supply Run blessing and could not take advantage of it. Lastly, the team moved Eizabeth Elliott to the shadows, leaving them with a severely shortened lineup.