Park Rangers

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Park Rangers are the caretakers of the Yellowstone National Park (Parkpark) and staff of the Yellowstone National Park (Ballpark). Their duties as staff include tending to all the workings of the stadium and its home team, including concessions, ticketing, facilities, custodial, marketing and medical responsibilities. Often during games, it is common for the announcer to remind the audience: "Don't forget to thank the Park Rangers!"

Beyond their role as staff, little is known about their role in the park itself. Their mastery of the park's spatial and temporal anomalies and ability to traverse its terrain is said to be equal to or perhaps even greater than the players of the Yellowstone Magic. Some Park Rangers have been sighted battling a rogue herd of bison, while others have been seen performing some sort of ritual during a full moon. In both instances the Rangers fled the scene before more information could be ascertained.

The Rangers are not associated with the owner of the Yellowstone Magic, Park Service. Rather, it is said that they are all bound by a blood oath to the park itself until the end of known time. An investigation is ongoing as to whether some Park Rangers have infiltrated the ranks of the Yellowstone Magic.