Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 23

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In Season β23, the Yellowstone Magic qualified for the Underbracket again and finished as champions.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Fax Machine and Voicemail

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming Renovation Used
48 Logan Rodriguez Alx Keming Voicemail
73 King Weatherman Logan Rodriguez Fax Machine
80 Bevan Wise King Weatherman Fax Machine
87 Eizabeth Elliott Bevan Wise Voicemail
98 Cravel Gesundheit Eizabeth Elliott Fax Machine


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
1 Eizabeth Elliott Flooding 30 29 days E-z-be-- -l-iot-
1 Logan Rodriguez Flooding 5 4 days n/a
Season β22 Francisco Preston Flooding 6 1 season F-an---c- Prest-n
35 Rey Wooten Flooding 94 59 days --- --ot--
49 Jesús Koch Flooding 74 25 days Je--s Koc-


Day Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team
61 Bates Bentley 🏝️ Defense Washer Barajas

Phantom Thieves' Guild

Day Team Stealing Team Stolen From Stolen Player/Item Item Stolen From Item Given To
1 🍬 Leo Baron
80 🥧 Holey Skate Necklace of Fourtitude Henry Marshallow Alx Keming


Day Player
15 Logan Rodriguez
91 Logan Rodriguez
92 King Weatherman
92 Cravel Gesundheit
93 Francisco Preston
94 Bonk Jokes
96 Cravel Gesundheit
96 Cravel Gesundheit
98 Eizabeth Elliott


Gift Shop

Notable Games

On Day 104, the Magic and Breath Mints played an Underbracket game in Night weather, the first game in the ILB to happen in Night weather. During the game, Kirkland Sobremesa replaced Bevan Wise in a Night Shift.

Election Outcomes

Party Favors

  • Team Roamless Crate passed with 228,032 Votes, 81% of all Decree Votes


  • scoring play
      • +  Under Review


Season Overview

In Season 23, the Magic achieved the nadir of success by winning the Underbracket, defeating the Atlantis Georgias in the championship in a 3-2 series. The team also won the Enhance blessing, meaning the whole team became Magnified 2x. In terms of party favors, the team elected to become Roamless.