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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.
A woman is wearing two foam fingers emblazoned with the Magic's logo. One fingers points up as usual; the other points down.
Yellowstone Magic fans at The Pocket during Season β2

This page details the fan culture surrounding the Yellowstone Magic.

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Cultural Events

While convokations are highly regulated, occasionally fans band together for especially notable events and collective actions.

Honoring Sutton Picklestein

On Season β13, Day 13, star player Sutton Picklestein was incinerated by a rogue umpire. In honor of their incredible vibes, outstanding performance, and community involvement, fans of Picklestein across teams banded together to idolize them before day 99, causing them to be the only deceased player among the nine MVPs named that season.

Picklestein then went on to set the all-time record for fastest return to the Hall of Flame for any returned player in the Season 13 election, at 0 seasons.

Attempted Re-Summoning of Chorby Short

Following the redaction of fan favorite Chorby Short, fans attempted to return the missing player to the Team by voting to Plunder her from the Idol Board. For reasons yet unknown, Short was unable to return to active play, but was later Attracted into the Millennials shadows. .


Fan chants are carefully vetted by the Park Service for adverse mystical potential before being allowed during a live blaseball game.

Team General

  • As Above! (Followed by) So Below!
  • So Above! (Followed by) As Below!
  • (Following home runs, grand slams) ALA-KA-SLAM!
  • Leave no trace!
  • HOCUS POCUS (clap clap clap-clap-clap)
  • Assa beeb! (Followed by) Abba soos!
  • (When playing the Breath Mints) BOFA DEEZ TEAMS. (In reference to Season 8 Party time.)
  • (When playing the Sunbeams) YELLMOUTH (Followed by) HELLOWSTONE or SUNSTONE
  • (Strikeout) Take a hike!
  • (When winning in general) Leave no trace!
  • Magic Goo!
  • (When losing) Wards up!
  • Let's go 0 No!

Player Specific

  • Bevan Wise
    • Wise up!
  • Bonk Jokes
    • Bon[k Jok]es!
    • Bonk's no joke!
    • Bonk it out of the Parkpark!
    • Bonk Bonk! Who's there!
    • Here Comes The Punchline!
  • Curry Aliciakeyes
    • Spice it up!
    • Close the park!
    • (Shutout) Curry says ParkPark's closed!
  • Eizabeth Elliot
    • Eiz up!
    • Eiz on the prize!
    • No L in her name! (Followed by) No L in her game!
  • Francisco Preston
    • That's my dad!
    • Hey Presto!
  • Halexandrey Walton
    • Hex 'em Halex!
    • Apex Predator!
  • James Mora
    • Mora this! / No Mora that!
    • James don't play games!
  • King Weatherman
    • Hail to the King!
    • You know what he did! / He knows what he's doing!
    • Welcome to the thunderdome!
    • Weather advisory!
    • Storm is coming, close the park!
  • Logan Rodriguez
    • He keeps getting away with it!
  • Tiana Wheeler
    • Ti Time!
    • Ti Crimes!
    • (When attempting to tie up a game) Ti Time Tie Time!
    • Wheel and Deal! / Wheelin and Dealin!

Retired Chants

These chants have either fallen out of fashion, or are associated with players not on the Magic's active roster.

  • Pack it in! (Followed by) Pack it out!
  • (During home games) This is where the magic happens!
  • (After the Magic scores) And for my next trick!
  • (When hitting a Home Run) Home👏Run👏Bi👏Son!
  • (When hitting a Home Run) Magic Missile! (This chant has been disallowed in spite of repeated use by fans due to repeated damage to Ballpark structures.)
  • (When playing the Millenials) Glampsite's open!
  • LET'S 👏 GO 👏 YELLOW 👏  
  • We're Geyser Guys! We're Really Nice! We'll Steal Your Base! But Leave No Trace!
  • Alyssa Harrell
    • Harrell check!
  • Annie Roland
    • Annie get your runs!
    • Roland get the ball!
  • Chorby Short
    • (Any ball contact.) Chorby Short, Chorby tall, Chorby went and hit the ball!
    • (Any RBI) ChoRBI!
    • Chorby Short, Chorby Tall, Chorby Does It All!
  • Cory Twelve
    • Atta bot!
    • You're doing great/amazing sweetie!
    • (When NOT giving a walk) No tours!
  • Inky Rutledge
    • 1 2 3 4 Do not let the batters score!
    • 5-6-7-8, normal human arms are great!
    • That's our normal human pitcher!
    • Inky's such a go getter!
    • Blot 'em out!
  • Kurt Crueller
    • (Any good play) Thanks, Kurt!
    • (When getting a player out) Hurts, donut!
  • Oscar Dollie
    • (After hitting a home run) Goodbye Dollie!
    • GOAT or 🐐.
  • Penelope Matthews
    • Lucky Penny!
  • Richardson Turquoise
    • TURQ!
  • Sutton Picklestein
    • Brine time! (Also varied as "Brine crime!" after a stolen base.)
    • Green new dill!
  • Terrell Bradley
    • That's my other dad
  • Washer Barajas
    • Wash 'em out!
    • Spin Cycle!
    • (After stealing a base) Be Gey! Do Crimes!
  • Wyatt Glover
    • Love that glove!
    • Glove's off!
  • Yeong-Ho Garcia
    • Let's go Yeong-Ho!