National Park Service Standardized Irregularity Reports

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The following is a list of National Park Service reports confirmed to have circulated at some point between the Return and the present - each links to the known text of the document. Some of these documents may have been leaked or never intended for public consumption.

  • YS-001 ("Bluesky National Park")
  • YS-002 ("A Place Between Above and Below")
  • YS-014 ("The Recordkeeper")
  • YS-015 ("The Forest")
  • YS-031 ("Sherry Trail and the Sherry Walkers")
  • YS-097 ("Paperthin Spacetime")
  • YS-152 (“The Dodgeball”)
  • YS-178 ("Two Signs Diverged in a Yellow Wood")
  • YS-228 ("This Tree's Name is Gary")
  • YS-320 ("It’s always sunny in Yellowstone")
  • YS-523 ("The Graffitist's Apple")
  • YS-627 ("The Path Bug")
  • YS-708 ("The Bone Pit")
  • YS-726 (“Sunburst”)