Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 10

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Season β10 was a characteristically subpar season for the Yellowstone Magic. The team placed 4th in their division and 19th in the league. However, the team also won a game-changing blessing in the form of O-No Blood Type.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Day Player Replaced by
39 Annie Roland Bonk Jokes


Day Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team
10 Winnie Hess 🍬 Pitching Wyatt Glover
13 Spears Taylor 🏝️ Defense Oscar Dollie
21 Cory Ross 🥩 Baserunning Washer Barajas
35 Randy Dennis 🚤 Defense Eizabeth Elliott
38 Nagomi Mcdaniel 🦀 Defense Oscar Dollie
38 Nagomi Mcdaniel 🦀 Defense Eizabeth Elliott
46 Theodore Cervantes 📱 Pitching Yeong-Ho Garcia
47 Logan Rodriguez Pitching Andrew Solis 📱
54 Richardson Games 👟 Batting Chorby Short
63 Bonk Jokes Batting Cory Ross 🥩
88 Richardson Games 👟 Batting Bonk Jokes
88 Richardson Games 👟 Defense Sutton Picklestein


Day Player
83 Curry Aliciakeyes
86 Sutton Picklestein
88 Inky Rutledge
88 Francisco Preston
89 Bevan Wise
91 Sutton Picklestein
95 Francisco Preston
96 Curry Aliciakeyes
99 Francisco Preston

Election Outcomes


  • Shadow Ban Together blessed the Charleston Shoe Thieves.
    Teamicon shoe thieves.png
    • The Magic Shadows are boosted by 3%.
    • The Shoe Thieves had 11% of the Votes. Mexico City Wild Wings were the highest bidders with 19% of the votes. 46,219 votes were cast.
  • O-No Blood Type blessed the Yellowstone Magic.
    Teamicon magic.png
    • Blood Transfusion.
    • All of the Yellowstone Magic's players now have O No blood type!
    • The Yellowstone Magic now have the power of O No!
    • The Magic had 23% of the votes. The Unlimited Tacos were the highest bidders with 24% of the votes. 913,206 votes were cast.

Season Overview

The Magic had another unremarkable season, worsened by the combination of Targeted Shame and the Fifth Base. They were also one of only two teams to experience an incineration, losing longtime batter Annie Roland. However, in the elections, the team won a blessing that would later become iconic:  0 No.