Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 22

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In Season β22, the Yellowstone Magic tanked and finished 22nd in the league with only 46 wins. Despite this, the team finished only as quarterfinalists in the Underbracket.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Fax Machine and Voicemail

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming Renovation Used
49 Bones Piazza Bonk Jokes Voicemail


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
16 Eizabeth Elliott Flooding 55 39 days --z-b--- E--iot-
77 Francisco Preston Flooding n/a n/a n/a

Peanut Allergies

Day Player Event
52 Rey Wooten Allergy cured by Peanut Mister
94 Bones Piazza Allergy cured by Peanut Mister

Phantom Thieves' Guild

Day Team Stealing Team Stolen From Stolen Player/Item Item Stolen From Item Given To
73 🔱 Chorby's Soul II Clove Ji-Eun Tiana Wheeler
82 🏝️ Charitable Arm Necklace Sutton Dreamy Bonk Jokes
92 🍗 Axel Cardenas
93 🍗 Ronan Combs


Day Player
85 Bonk Jokes
98 Bevan Wise


  • Teamicon magic.png
    Phantom Thieves' Guild - 6,521,345 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon magic.png
    Condensed Floor plan - 4,728,470 Coins Spent
    • The Magic rearranged Yellowstone into an Condensed Floor Plan.
    • Yellowstone gained the Condensed Floor Plans modification.
      • +  Condensed Floor Plans

Gift Shop

  • Teamicon magic.png
    Magic received 2 Gifts! - 5,240,707 coins contributed
    • Top Contributors:
    • Teamicon magic.png
      Fireproof, Team Edition - Wishlist #1
      • The Magic are safe from incinerations for the rest of the season!
        • +  Fireproof
    • Teamicon magic.png
      Bargain Bin - Wishlist #2
      • Wyatt Glover gained Ambitious Rock Necklace of Dexterity.
        • + Ambitious Rock Necklace of Dexterity
        • +  Ambitious
        • Overall 18.3 -> 18.3 + 0.5


Player New Ego Level
Wyatt Glover
Tiana Wheeler

Election Outcomes


The Yellowstone Magic benefitted from Tgb free wills.png Free Wills.

  • Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic vote to move Logan Rodriguez to their Lineup.
    • The Magic made a roster move.
    • Move - 20% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 81% of Magic Move Votes
      Final Odds - 16% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon magic.png
    • The Magic choose Bevan Wise to be Magnified.
    • Bevan Wise is now at 2x Magnification.
      • +  2x
    • Magnify - 25% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 95% of Magic Magnify Votes
      Final Odds - 24% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon magic.png
    Item Steal
    • The Magic chose to take Hot Bat of Stamina and gave it to Tiana Wheeler.
    • Marco Stink's Hot Bat of Stamina was taken by Tiana Wheeler!
      • - Hot Bat of Stamina
      • Overall 17.8 + 1.4 -> 17.8
    • Tiana Wheeler dropped Chorby's Soul II.
      • - Chorby's Soul II
      • Overall 14.8 + 0.5 -> 14.8
    • Tiana Wheeler took Marco Stink's Hot Bat of Stamina!
      • + Hot Bat of Stamina
      • Overall 14.8 -> 14.8 + 0.9
    • Item Steal - 6% of all Magic Will Votes
      This Filing - 70% of Magic Item Steal Votes
      Final Odds - 4% chance of happening.


Season Overview

The Magic spent this season trying, enthusiastically, to tank their team's playoffs chances as much as possible, and qualify for the Underbracket. The team had relatively few season events, although the Yellowstone Phantom Thieves' Guild notably stole Chorby's Soul II, massively affecting their eDensity. Their endseason was marred by the loss of Wyatt Glover, meaning that two players in two seasons had become Legendary and left the team. The Magic successfully qualified for the Underbracket but were defeated in the quarterfinals by the New York Millennials.

With help from a Free Will, the Magic experienced a chaotic election. The team moved Logan Rodriguez to the Lineup, magnified Bevan Wise, and stole an item for Tiana Wheeler so that Wheeler could drop Chorby's Soul II. The team was affected by plenty of other teams' blessings and won four for themselves. In the process the team attracted Alx Keming, swapped Wheeler for Ziwa Mueller, gave their shadows  Trader items, and flipped the eDensity of every player on their roster.