Phantom Thieves' Guild

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Phantom Thieves' Guild is a Ballpark Modification that was first seen in the Season 22 Latesiesta, where as a result of Ratification and 18 teams building the modification, it became a league-wide rule.

Phantom Thieves' Guild was nullified by Black Hole (Black Hole) on Season 24, Day 50.


Whenever the Home team loses by 9 or more runs in a Ballpark with this modification, they will steal from their opponent's Shadows.

Phantom Thieves' Guild was able to steal both Players and Items.


Season 22

Phantom Thieves' Guild was first seen as a possible Ballpark modification during the Season 22 Earlsiesta, where it was described as "A Thieves' Guild in your Ballpark will permit theft when this Team is losing big."

18 Teams chose to build a Phantom Thieves' Guild, and as a result of Ratificiation during the Latesiesta, Phantom Thieves' Guild was made into a league-wide rule.

The first recorded activation of the Phantom Thieves' Guild occurred on Season 22, Day 73, when The Bucket's Thieves' Guild stole Beans McBlase from the Pies' shadows, and gave them to the Mexico City Wild Wings.

On the same day, Yellowstone's Thieves' Guild stole Chorby's Soul II from Clove Ji-Eun of the Atlantis Georgias and gave it to Tiana Wheeler, showing that the Guild was capable of stealing both Players and Items.

Recorded Player Steals

A screen capture of Season 22 Day 73 of the Philly Pies vs. Mexico City Wild Wings. The Bucket Thieves' Guild convened. They stole Pies' Shadows player Beans McBlase! The Pies sent a player to the Wild Wings.
The official game log of Beans McBlase being sent to the Mexico City Wild Wings.

There are 44 known cases of Phantom Thieves' Guild activating and stealing a player from an opposing team.

Season 22

Day Team Stolen Player From
73 Mexico City Wild Wings Beans McBlase Philly Pies
78 Canada Moist Talkers Nicholas Nolan Hawai'i Fridays
82 Mexico City Wild Wings Vernon Glump Atlantis Georgias
86 Hawai'i Fridays Samothes Dembélé Baltimore Crabs
92 Yellowstone Magic Axel Cardenas Mexico City Wild Wings
93 Yellowstone Magic Ronan Combs Mexico City Wild Wings
94 LA Unlimited Tacos Rivers Rosa Ohio Worms
113 Miami Dale Erickson Fischer New York Millennials

Season 23

Day Team Stolen Player From
1 Kansas City Breath Mints Leo Baron Yellowstone Magic
2 Canada Moist Talkers Mummy Cantburn Philly Pies
4 Chicago Firefighters Quack Hookrace Tokyo Lift
4 Houston Spies Atma Blueberry Miami Dale
12 Hades Tigers Bartleby Zhivago Ohio Worms
24 Baltimore Crabs Grit Watson Chicago Firefighters
25 Kansas City Breath Mints Nicholas Mora Hawai'i Fridays
35 Kansas City Breath Mints Bobbin Moss Miami Dale
39 Seattle Garages Bambi Perez Philly Pies
40 LA Unlimited Tacos Spits Strongbody Tokyo Lift
41 Kansas City Breath Mints Artemsia Teixeira Atlantis Georgias
43 Core Mechanics Izuki Clark Dallas Steaks
44 Hades Tigers Stephens Lightner Breckenridge Jazz Hands
51 Hellmouth Sunbeams Donia Bailey Houston Spies
53 Miami Dale Clove Ji-Eun Atlantis Georgias
62 Miami Dale Math Velazquez Houston Spies
64 Hades Tigers Yrjö Kerfuffle Houston Spies
69 Boston Flowers Campos Arias Breckenridge Jazz Hands
76 Mexico City Wild Wings Nandy Slumps Tokyo Lift
77 Dallas Steaks Scruffs Sunkcost Baltimore Crabs
79 Chicago Firefighters Steals Mondegreen Tokyo Lift
81 Core Mechanics Rhys Rivera Charleston Shoe Thieves
83 Boston Flowers Lowe Forbes Breckenridge Jazz Hands
88 Boston Flowers Cat McSriff Mexico City Wild Wings
90 Boston Flowers Pangolin Ruiz Mexico City Wild Wings
94 Hawai'i Fridays Antonio Mccall Seattle Garages
95 Hawai'i Fridays Lori Boston Seattle Garages
96 Atlantis Georgias Lance Serotonin Chicago Firefighters

Season 24

Day Team Stolen Player From
3 Hawai'i Fridays Jake Swinger New York Millennials
13 Yellowstone Magic Munro Tumblehome New York Millennials
15 Canada Moist Talkers Montgomery Bullock Baltimore Crabs
20 Oxford Paws Jacobus Harper New York Millennials
30 Carolina Queens Lenny Marijuana Seattle Garages
35 LA Unlimited Tacos Mags Highlife Breckenridge Jazz Hands
36 Houston Spies Cat McSriff Boston Flowers
44 Charleston Shoe Thieves Fenry Stickybeak New York Millennials