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Silvaire Semiquaver is a player for the Hawai‘i Fridays, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Semiquaver has previously played for the Tokyo Lift and LA Unlimited Tacos.

Official League Records

Semiquaver joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Tokyo Lift with the Lift's debut in the Season β10 elections.

During the Season β12 elections, Semiquaver joined the Lift's lineup in exchange for Concrete Mandible via the Lift's Foreshadow will.

During the Season β19 elections, Semiquaver retreated to the Lift's Shadows in exchange for Kit Honey as a result of the Lift's Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 14.1 14.8 stat increase.

On Season β21, Day 76, Semiquaver joined the Lift's pitching rotation in exchange for Domino Bootleg via the Tokyo Fitness Center's Fax Machine.

On Season β23, Day 106, Semiquaver retreated to the Lift's Shadows in exchange for Uncle Plasma XIV at Tokyo Fitness Center via the Ratified Fax Machine. Semiquaver was traded to the LA Unlimited Tacos' Shadows with no replacement during the Season β23 elections via the Gachapon blessing.

On Season β24, Day 35, Semiquaver joined the Tacos' pitching rotation in exchange for McBaseball Clembons at Al Pastor Memorial Park via the Ratified Fax Machine.

During the November 18, 2022 Fall Ball, Semiquaver fell to the Hawai‘i Fridays.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Silvaire Semiquaver Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-0.403 and start reading...

Joining the Lift

Silvaire Semiquaver joined the Lift in Season 12, replacing Concrete Mandible. Teammates have differing reports as to the exact date she arrived at the Legscraper; some particularly long-lasting players have even suggested that she has been active on the Lift’s active roster or in the Shadows prior even to Nandy Slumps’ involvement on the team, though this is disputed by Slumps.

With Semiquaver’s arrival on the active roster in the current era, fans and players alike have noticed a marked increase in team spirit and general celebratory atmosphere when she is on the field. Games in which Semiquaver has hit a home run or has pitched a shutout have seen a dramatic increase in sales for concessions and merchandise, despite unofficial popularity rankings rarely placing Semiquaver in the top five members of the team.

Blaseball Career

Silvaire’s batting style could best be described as flashy or stylish, while not particularly remarkable or effective. Her teammates have remarked on her ability to charm fans and others on the field, eliciting excited cheers and good will that seems to last only as long as she is up to bat.

With her move to the pitching rotation in Season 21, her trademark enthusiasm and extravagance has vastly increased. Batters often report that balls thrown by Semiquaver seem to sparkle or glitter in the sun, and her pitching methods have repeatedly come under scrutiny by ILB officials, though no evidence of ball tampering or foul play has ever been found.

Joining the Tacos

To her delight, Semiquaver was selected by Gachapon to come to Los Angeli, seemingly at random and most likely with the odds not influenced in any way. Although she often gets lost in the infinite cities, she is completely fine with that.

The Tacos appreciate the cool aunt energy she brings to practices and the beef wings and protein powder takoyaki that she brings to parties. Yummy Elliott, though often an appreciator of her cooking, has been known to complain that it does not contain enough of somewhat inedible items such as tissue paper, in response to which Semiquaver has started preparing separate special entrees for her containing all the food crimes ze could want.

Semiquaver appears to have some sort of history with Pannonica Oko, having met her a long time ago. The story of exactly how they met varies wildly, but is known to involve a party, a lot of powerful beings in the same room, A Cat, possibly drugs, and at least 23 different endings. Interviews with other teammates suggest that Oko may be intimidated by Semiquaver; Oko denies all such claims and declines to comment.

Semiquaver also gets along very well with Basilio Fig and Peanut Bong, and her glitz and loudness is appreciated by Rat Mason and Lucas Petty.

Personal Life

Silvaire Semiquaver has often claimed blood relations to ancient gods of celebration, love, and the culinary arts; as such, she has drawn repeated criticism from former ace hitter Gerund Pantheocide for her support of such divisive figures. However, reports from other teammates have been more positive, as Semiquaver is known for organizing frequent team celebrations after major victories as well as consolation parties that have often been described as “heartwarming”.

Semiquaver’s clothing aesthetic is described as somewhere between a classical deity and a frat bro, blending the fancy with the flashy. She has sunglasses, and is often floating slightly. Her hair bears an unusual resemblance to cotton candy.

Her brief stint as Beef Wings Chief Culinarian and Recipe Inventor (a position invented by Semiquaver during her time in the Shadows) resulted in the tripling of the length of the active menu, and a 3% increase in sales. Her introduction of unusual flavors such as “A tender hug from a loved one”, “The company of close friends and family”, and “Strawberry grape combo” drew glowing reviews from Beef Wings aficionados, many of whom were unable to deliver their reviews without bursting into tears of joy.

Members of the greater Tokyo and Los Angeli communities know Semiquaver for her line of moderately successful pop-up food tents which are never announced to the public and disappear after one day of operation. Those lucky enough to attend one of these pop-ups have reported increased success in social situations and a seemingly boundless energy for partying that can last up to a month.

After arriving to the Tacos, Semiquaver has begun practicing skamancy (not to be confused with skiamancy). The specifics of skamancy are currently unknown, but it presumably involves trumpets.

Coronation Era

On the Hawai‘i Fridays

During Fall Ball, Semiquaver was the fourth player to join the Hawai‘i Fridays, and immediately embraced the team's good vibes upon joining. As noted by ILB splortscasters and number-crunchers alike, she is one of the team's strongest defenders. Semiquaver also has a tendency to just walk the bases instead of running.

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