Hawai'i Fridays/Season 1

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With Blaseball's return once again in the NEW Season 1, the Fridays returned strong. Now in the Evil conference, the team made it to the first postseason of the newly redesigned game, where they were swept by the Atlantis Georgias.

Starting Roster

The Roster presented here is as it appeared on the site. This was not the order that the team played in in-game; the correct order matches the starting roster seen in Season 2.

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events

Roster Changes


Day Falling Player Result
5 Theodore Honeywell Buried
8 Garcia Soto Buried



  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Shore Up
    • Svetlana Dickens shores up their worst Attribute!
      • Stealth 0.01 1.01
    • Won with 10.525273528392495%

Season Overview

Emerging from the Black Hole (Black Hole), the Fridays returned with mostly-new players in a generally strong lineup. Alongside some brand new players and previous teams' Shadows that never saw active play, recognizable names from Blaseball's Beta such as Famous Owens, Sexton Wheerer, and Justice Spoon joined the team, along with one players who was an original Friday: Elijah Valenzuela, who was on the team when Blaseball first returned in Beta Season 1.

These Fridays would prove to be a strong lineup, taking the team all the way to the first playoffs of the era. With the implementation of Defensive Positions, the Fridays benefited from a strong spread of defenders throughout the playing space, but a somewhat weak Rotation left something to be desired, as the Fridays were swept in the postseason by the Atlantis Georgias. At elections, the thematic Shore Up blessing boosted pitcher Svetlana Dickens' Stealth to a shocking 1.01, but this attribute, revealed with other attributes by the Black Hole earlier in the season, only affected Dickens' running - which does not benefit her on the mound.