Hawai'i Fridays/Season 2

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Season 2 was another season of what was beginning to appear as characteristically strong Fridays blaseball. While the team made it into the division round of the playoffs, a site error put the Fridays up against the dominant Hellmouth Sunbeams, who would defeat the Fridays and go on to take the championship.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Note: The Roster also included two Buried players not visible on site: Theodore Honeywell and Garcia Soto.

Notable Events

Roster Changes


Day Falling Player Result
40 Basilio Fig Replaced Mags Highlife

Red Solar Eclipse - Mage Umpire

Day Player Effect
4 Haruta Byrd Alternated
85 Elijah Valenzuela Alternated

Gold Solar Eclipse - Bard Umpire

Day Player Effect
14 Anathema Elemefayo Curse Dodged

Season Overview

The Fridays played another solid season of blaseball with their final record almost identical to the previous season's. One Horizon (weather) trigger caused Basilio Fig to rejoin the Fridays, knocking Mags Highlife out of his spot. Fig was welcomed back by fans; Fig was originally a Friday when they first joined Blaseball in Beta Season 3.

The Fridays were the first to discover the effects of the Mage Umpires, as Haruta Byrd was Alternated in just the 4th game of the season. While this stat re-roll would prove largely inoffensive for Byrd's stats, trading Batting for better Defense and Running, a later Alternation of Elijah Valenzuela would prove more impactful, as it dropped one of the team's strongest sluggers' batting stars significantly. This was not enough to deter the Fridays from the postseason, as they went on to defeat the previous season's Evil Conference champions, the Mexico City Wild Wings, in the first round of playoffs. An internal error seeded the Fridays against the Good Conference Hellmouth Sunbeams, whose offense would definitively carry them through games 2-4 and on to become ILB Champions after defeating the Fridays. The Fridays won no Blessings in Elections.