Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 8

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Season 8 saw the Fridays rank low in the league, with blows to the Fridays' lineup at the end of the season.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes


Day Fridays Player Swapped Other Player
90 Alyssa Harrell Eduardo Woodman🥧
90 Eduardo Woodman Alyssa Harrell🥧


Day Player
After 99 York Silk



Season Overview

This season saw the Fridays perform near the bottom of the Mild League. Baldwin Breadwinner suffered an Allergic Reaction to a peanut, and Alyssa Harrell performed a rapid double-Feedback in the course of one game, swapping with Eduardo Woodman of the Pies twice to leave both lineups unchanged. The biggest blows to the Fridays, however, came after the regular season. With The Shelled One's appearance at the end of the regular season, star Friday York Silk was Shelled due to Silk's high position on the Idol Board, functionally removing them from active play. The Fridays' second best hitter, Aldon Cashmoney, was swapped to the Hades Tigers at elections as well, crippling the Fridays' lineup.