Hawai'i Viberight Field

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Hawai'i Viberight Field is the Ballpark of the Hawai'i Fridays.

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The Fridays do not have a proper stadium and prefer to play wherever the vibes feel the best.

The lack of a set stadium means there is no PA system, and so batters are played to the box by the combination of Stevenson Heat on ukulele and Jimmy Mora on vocals (even while either are on the mound), the duo unofficially called 'More Heat'.

The Fridays traditionally set up their snack and frosty drink carts next to third base. This leads to many Fridays players getting thrown out trying to steal third, as they forget about the game and leisurely stroll over to check out the cart. Efforts to move the carts to a less accessible and game-altering place have been strongly resisted by former captain Elijah Valenzuela ("All such things should be freely available to the people.") and pitcher Stevenson Heat ("I just gets real hungry sometimes, you know?").

The Fridays no longer have a fourth base, as their original one gained sentience to become Evelton McBlase. As such, the team uses Daddy Bradley's lucky ballcap to mark its location during games. Due to the chill nature of the team, the placement of the ballcap is never exact and that often results in differing lengths of the first and third blase lines from game-to-game.