Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 3

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Season 3 saw the Fridays near the bottom of their division. A trio of mid-season incinerations and the postseason loss of short-lived Fridays star Nagomi Mcdaniel shook the team.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes


Day Player Incinerated New Player
67 Sam Solis Evelton McBlase
76 Hendricks Rangel Basilio Fig
76 Sebastian Sunshine Juice Collins



Season Overview

This season saw a number of incinerations across the ILB, and the Fridays were not spared. Three incinerations occurred, removing Sam Solis, Hendricks Rangel, and Sebastian Sunshine. The latter two occurred on the same day, Day 76, and was called the "Juice Cleanse" by fans, after newly introduced player Juice Collins. At elections, the Fridays would lose one of their star players in Nagomi Mcdaniel.