Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 24

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The splorts performance of the Fridays, like all other teams, did not matter in Season 24. The Fridays were incinerated early in the season, and returned to make a skateboard trick across the Immaterial Plane to their nullification.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation


Notable Events


On Day 9, Parker MacMillan Roamed away from the Fridays, leaving the entire team Unstable - the first team in the season to become so. On Day 12, against the Baltimore Crabs, under the Supernova Eclipse weather, the Fridays were Incinerated in the bottom of the 2nd inning and replaced by the Carolina Queens, a prehistory team. This moved the Fridays and all players to the Hall of Flame. Shortly after games concluded, the Monitor appeared to give a message, similar to what happened following the incineration of the Breath Mints.

it's island time
come with me
to the trench
the vibes are right

The team did not see active play after their incineration.

Following the events of Latesiesta, when the Monitor quit its job and opened the Hall of Flame, the Fridays, along with all other incinerated teams, appeared at the Hall's location on the Navigate Map, now with the Rogue Modification instead of Unstable.


Along with the other Rogue teams, the Fridays emerged in the Glood Hall division, corresponding with the right side (or 1st base) quadrant of the Map. Following the Sunbeams and the other Scattered teams charging the mound, and a combination of the urging from the in-game Monitor and Parker MacMillan IIIII on Twitter, the Fridays joined the other Rogue teams in performing a "skateboard trick" across the diamond presented on the Map, moving straight for the Coin positioned at the would-be place of the pitcher's mound. The wording of "skateboard trick," in reference to the movement from 1st to 3rd base facilitated by the Grind Rail modification, was based on a Tweet from the @blaseball Twitter account.

Screenshot of the final positions of teams at the end of Beta Season 24.

Following the melting of the Coin, the majority of teams fled to a corner of the Map, attempting to find refuge from the expanding Black Hole (Black Hole) caused by the explosion of Sun(Sun) at the end of the previous season. The Fridays did not do so, instead continuing through the center of the map, as if attempting to finish their skateboard trick. The team briefly passed into the central corner of the Levil Vault division, before crossing into the Horizon quadrant and becoming Nullified on Day 90, near the center of the map where the Coin previously was.

Roster Changes

Super Roamin'

Day Player Roamed... Other Effects
9 Parker MacMillan to 🥧Philly Pies Hawai'i Fridays and all Players +  Unstable
9 Castillo Turner from 🎸Seattle Garages
18 Castillo Turner to 🥧Philly Pies Left Hall of Flame

Fax Machine

Day Active Player Shadowed Shadow Player Moved Stars Gained by Shadow
3 Lady Matsuyama Spears Taylor 15.7 16.2

Consumer Attacks

Day Player Effects
3 Parker MacMillan 12.5 9
4 C-r-u-- S-a-d-ak- Defended with Weird Helmet
8 C-r-u-- S-a-d-ak- Defended with Weird Helmet

Items Gained/Lost

Day Player Item Lost Item Gained Source
3 Alejandro Leaf Head Glove Community Chest
8 C-r-u-- S-a-d-ak- Weird Helmet Consumer Attack
9 Parker MacMillan The Fifth Base Stolen by Castillo Turner🎸 via Tunnels
9 Parker MacMillan Arm Socks Prize Match (vs. 🎸)

Season Overview

After 9 games of blaseball, Parker MacMillan roamed away from the team that originally cursed him with Non-Profit in prehistory, making the Fridays and all players on it Unstable. The team would be incinerated on Day 12, leaving the team inactive for the majority of the season.

At Latesiesta, following a confrontation between the Coin and the Monitor, the latter quit, opening the Hall of Flame and allowing all incinerated teams to leave. The Fridays and also-incinerated Breath Mints, along with teams incinerated in prehistory, joined the ILB in the new Glood league, Hall division, and appeared with the Rogue modification on the Map, which allowed teams to navigate around the Immaterial Plane. The Fridays joined the charge that melted the Coin, then following Parker MacMillan IIIII's instructions to "skateboard trick," crossing the field and becoming Nullified in the Black Hole (Black Hole) that was expanding to cover the Immaterial Plane.