Hawai'i Fridays/Gamma/Season 4

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Gamma 4 was the Fridays best performing Short Circuit, but the team still fell short of the playoffs.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events

Roster Changes


Day Fridays Player Swapped Other Player Swapped
19 Mooch Perigee Elisa Knowles 🗣️
153 Lucius Prince Squid Broom 🌹
155 Emily Calvino Gwen Minami 🌹

Due to a site error, while these players changed icons to their new teams, they remained on the lineups of their old teams until the end of the season.

Night Shift

Fridays players Talon Dancer and Salih Battle switched positions during the season due to the effects of Night weather.


Party Planning



Squid Gifts

  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Squid Gift III Presented by iam8bit
    • iam8bit Limited Edition Glow Stick was received by the Fridays
      • Duncan Rhodes was award the Glow Stick.
        • + iam8bit Limited Edition Glow Stick
      • The Fridays had 4% of the Votes
        Highest Bidder - the Tacos with 10%
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Squid Gift IV Presented by iam8bit
    • iam8bit Limited Edition Smoke Machine was received by the Fridays
      • May Jodorowsky was award the Smoke Machine.
        • + iam8bit Limited Edition Smoke Machine
      • The Fridays had 3% of the Votes
        Highest Bidder - the Crabs with 11%


Season Overview

A season with the intent to party, this was the best Short Circuit for the Fridays. At the Midseason Fiesta, the Fridays were one of two teams to hold a Cookout as their party of choice (the other being the Seattle Garages), as a reference to the old stadium of the team, called The Cookout. The Fridays named Moth Frosting their Guest of Honor, and later, their Static Charge. The Fridays would also win two Squid Gifts, midseason Blessings that dropped items to players. The Fridays would still miss the postseason, ending the season 3 games behind the qualifying Yellowstone Magic in the Uptempo league.

Due to site errors in Feedback, two late-season swaps with the Boston Flowers resulted in the traded players remaining on the rosters of their original teams, with the swap only resolving at the end of the season. This allowed the Flowers to use Squid Broom as the target of their own Charge.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

This Short Circuit's Hawai‘i is an flotilla of spaceships, an island chain against the black sea of space. Where these Fridays came from, and to where they sail, is unknown - this Short Circuit allowed fans only a glimpse into their odyssey.