Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 18

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The Fridays finished first in the Mild Low division in Season 18, a first since Season β12. Despite this, they were eliminated in their first round of postseason play.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Ballpark Cleanup - 4,818,489 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Obtuseness - 1,330,978 Coins Spent

Gift Shop

The Fridays received 3 gifts! - 13,436,323 coins contributed

Roster Changes


Day Fridays Player Stat Change Other Player
65 Jacob Winner Martyrdom 5.7 5.5 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner 🥩
65 Spears Taylor Ruthlessness 4.2 4 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner 🥩
65 Jacob Winner Patheticism 2.5 2.3 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner 🥩
65 Bates Bentley Patheticism 3.7 3.5 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner 🥩
65 Sutton Dreamy Shakespearianism 1.9 1.7 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner 🥩
65 Spears Taylor Tragicness 0.7 0.5 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner 🥩

Consumer Attacks

Day Player Change
98 Yosh Carpenter Combined 15.7 13.2

Items Gained/Lost

Day Player Item Lost Item Gained Mods Gained/Lost Source
25 Spears Taylor Bat Arm Shoes Community Chest
27 Juice Collins Bat Broke
38 Evelton McBlase Bat Salmon
53 Yosh Carpenter Paper Shoes Broke
55 Valentine Games Bat Broke
55 Mordecai Kingbird Skate Board -  Pro Skater Broke
59 Sutton Dreamy Mesh Cap of Vitality Charitable Arm Necklace Community Chest
72 Mordecai Kingbird Skate Board (Broken) Smooth Helmet +  Smooth Prize Match (vs. 🛠️)
LS Fenry Marlow Bat Hearty Cool Rock Bat Bargain Bin (Gift)
95 Evelton McBlase Bat Leg Necklace Community Chest
96 Beck Whitney Bat Salmon
99 Bates Bentley Bat Broke



  • Trust Fall passed with 5,879,869 Votes, 67% of all Decree Votes
      • The Cookout + Tgb turntables.png Turntables
  • Ratification passed with 761,736 Votes, 9% of all Decree Votes
  • Hype Train was the third decree passed, with 832,875, or 10%, of all Decree Votes.


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Shadow Infuse
    • The Fridays vote to infuse Melton Campbell's Batting ability.
    • Juice Collins' Batting is Infused.
      • Batting 3.2 4.2
    • Shadow Infuse - 11% of all Fridays Will Votes
      This Filing - 37% of Fridays Shadow Infuse Votes
      Final Odds - 4% chance of happening.


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Skate Board
    • Alyssa Harrell gained Skate Board.
      • + Skate Board
      • +  Pro Skater
    • The Fridays had 28% of the Votes
    • They were the highest bidders.

Season Overview

The Fridays had a generally strong season, with all the strengths of the lineup from the previous season's championship run. However, they were swept in their first postseason series this season. At the election, Attractor Alyssa Harrell joined active play for the Fridays, and received another Skate Board, after Mordecai Kingbird's broke earlier in the season.