Home Field Advantage

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Home Field Advantage is a Team Modification that starts the team with one run if playing in their home ballpark.


Teams with Home Field Advantage start with an extra run when they are playing in their home ballpark.


Home Field advantage was first referenced in the Season β4 Election as an unpassed Decree of the same name. It would reappear in the Season β8 Election as the Home Field Advantage Blessing, and was won by the Seattle Garages.

In the Expansion Era Home Field Advantage was available as a part of the Enrich Will in Season 12 and Season 15-18. The Ohio Worms were the only team to Enrich themselves with Home Field Advantage, and did so for Season 18 via the Season β17 Elections.

Home Field Advantage was also available in the Gift Shop for Seasons 18 and 19, conferring Home Field Advantage to the teams for the following Latesiesta and Postseason. The Pies, Spies, and Fridays gained Home Field Advantage in Season 18; the Garages, Magic and Flowers acquired it in Season 19.

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