Hype Train

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Hype Train is a Decree that passed in the Season 18 Election, causing Hype to increase during games in which the Home team Shames the Away team. As Hype increases, the Home team plays better, with Hype depreciating slowly over time.

Hype Train was active from the Season β18 Election until Season 24 Day 37, when it was Nullified by the Black Hole (Black Hole).


In Season β18, Hype Train was offered as one of six possible Decrees the community could vote, with the top tree coming into effect. It was available alongside the following decrees:

  • Wrecking Ball Gain Access to the Wrecking Ball to Remove unwanted Renovations.
  • Ratification Renovations built by at least 18 Teams will be Ratified into Non-Physical Law for the entire League.
  • On The House Teams will build an Additional Renovation at no extra cost each Season.
  • Climate Control Gain Access to Weather Reduction Renovations.
  • Trust Fall turn the tables. winning will be losing. trust me.

Hype Train passed with 832,875 Votes, 10% of all Decree Votes



The passing of Hype Train caused the existing "Hype meter" stat to fill in on for a team's Ballpark in the Season β19 regular season. Hype increased during games in which the Home team shamed the Away team, with more hype causing the Home team to play better and decaying over time.

In the mechanic's first season, Fans were quick to notice that Hype seemed to have a significant effect on play, as best exemplified by the Season 19 record of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands who spent most of the season with a "Peak" Hype meter. When playing in their home stadium the Jazz Hands won 50 of their 57 games, but while away they won just 8 of their 44 games. In the proceeding seasons the effects of Hype were less pronounced, but still gave teams an edge in their home ballpark.


On Day 37 of Season β24, Sosa Hayes of the Houston Spies nullified Hype Train by scoring ten runs under the Black Hole (Black Hole).