Haruta Byrd

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Haruta Byrd is a player for the Hawai‘i Fridays, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Byrd has previously played for the Philly Pies.

Official League Records

Byrd joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Philly Pies with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β23, Day 25, Byrd joined the Pies' lineup in exchange for Ren Hunter at Tastycake Stadium via the Ratified Voicemail.

On Season β24, Day 30, Byrd retreated to the Pies' Shadows in exchange for August Obrien at Tastycake Stadium via the Ratified Voicemail.

During the November 4, 2022 Fall Ball, Byrd fell to the Hawai‘i Fridays.

On Season 2, Day 4, Byrd's Alternate was called by the Mage Umpire in Solar Eclipse (Red) weather.

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Haruta Byrd is a bird indigenous to the Hawaiian islands who likes extreme sports and is forklift certified. She was the second player to Fall to Hawai‘i Fridays, and has been best bros with first Friday Fall Mags Highlife ever since.


During Season 2, Byrd was alternated. Now a legally distinct bird from before, statisticians report that the potential bird count of the Fridays “rose from 0-1 birds to between 0-2” and would continue to increase upon further potential changes.