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Vibes (formerly)

The following Vibes segments are the former page content of the Hawai‘i Fridays main page. It has been left as-is as a historical remnant of early Discipline Era, and may not match the current team's direction.

Newspaper clipping of some Season 2 Hawai'i Fridays players chilling together.
The Fridays are blessed/cursed by Our Lady of Perpetual Friday. For the Fridays, it is always island time. Players cannot feel the passing of the hours for it is always late afternoon on Friday, a time to stop worrying about the trials of the week and instead a time to hang out with family and friends. No matter the temperature, the Fridays experience the weather as a cool 70-something degrees with a pleasant ocean breeze. The smell of pit oven smoke lingers around them. They are fun at parties.

The Fridays are a workers' cooperative where each player owns an equal stake in the team. Departing players give their shares to transfers. There are no coaches, managers, or non-player owners. Everyone on the team fills these roles simultaneously.

The Fridays never go home from a game before celebrating with the opposing team.

Officially recognized as the most chill team, they frequently arrive late to games as they are always on island time.
Season 3 team members relaxing between games.


There is no official Fridays uniform. Players wear whatever they want, sometimes in team colors, sometimes not, although 'aloha print' patterns seemed to be historically preferred among players. Despite not having a uniform, the Fridays do have a dress code: if wearing a shirt, at least one button must be unbuttoned to feel the ocean breeze. It is unclear if any player has read the dress code.
Blaseball players of various teams having fun at a Fridays beach cookout.




The Dallas Steaks, Chicago Firefighters, LA Unlimited Tacos, Kansas City Breath Mints, San Francisco Lovers, Boston Flowers, Charleston Shoe Thieves, Yellowstone Magic, New York Millennials, Hades Tigers, Philly Pies, Baltimore Crabs, Mexico City Wild Wings, Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams, Canada Moist Talkers, Breckenridge Jazz Hands, Seattle Garages, Miami Dale, Tokyo Lift, Core Mechanics, Atlantis Georgias, Ohio Worms and Houston Spies are always invited to post-game celebrations.


Juice Collins, Don Mitchell, Evelton McBlase, Stevenson Heat, and Beck Whitney wearing floral pattern suits walking in a line amid an evening scene, definitely not looking like they're about to commit a heist
Juice Collins, Don Mitchell, Evelton McBlase, Stevenson Heat, and Beck Whitney going to the Blellagio after a game. By @ch00beh

There is no official team mascot. At various times, the Fridays mascot has been: any bird in the vicinity of the game currently going on (often Hawaiian honeycreepers, such as Fletcher Yamamoto himself), a fan dressed up as a volcano, Our Lady of Perpetual Friday, C O C O N U T, or literally anything silly that shows up to the game. During his time on the team, Gabriel Griffith has been known to take it upon himself to act as a mascot when not pitching.


The official drink of the Fridays is Mountain Dew® Baja Blast Freeze. Unofficial drinks include piña colada, margarita, Capri Sun, Sunny D, Pineapple Spindrift, and (not really a drink) Hawaiian-style shave ice. These are kind of like mascots.

Although the team has no owners, this almost changed due to the persistent need for 'drink money' in the lead-up to Season 2. T.G.I. Friday's restaurateur Daniel R. Scoggin attempted to buy the team. On his way to seal the deal, however, Scoggin got lost at sea. The deal accordingly never took place, although T.G.I. Friday's did manage to secure a minor sponsorship for mascot rights, which simply means that the team serves the T.G.I. Friday's drink menu at home games (e.g. THE BEST FRIDAYS™ MARGARITA, etc.).

Hawai'i Fridays Skate Gang

The Hawai‘i Fridays Skate Gang, or just Skate Gang, is a splort association and network for Fridays, fans, and Hawaiians who like skateboarding. For many years, it existed in a loose, more casual form, but it was officially established and incorporated into the larger Fridays organization by Mordecai Kingbird after his transfer and move to Hawai‘i in the β16 Postseason.

In one interview, a fellow skateboarding down Interstate H-2 while being chased after by a reporter said, "The #SkateGang was originally started by a bunch of us Fridays fans who would skateboard to games and bang our boards against the bleachers to celebrate. Then Mordecai came and made it an official part of the Fridays. That’s when they got the Fletcher Yamamoto Memorial Grind Rail (He's not dead, it's fine)." The Skate Gang tend to know the spots with the best vibes and are often the first to relocate when the vibes shift. Known for their love for all things groovy and radical, the group commonly heralds their unofficial slogan: "Skate or die". When asked what this meant, avid skateboarder and cousin Annick Throgmorten commented, "You either skate, or you die."

Despite its informal manner, the Skate Gang has played an important role for and by the Fridays in-game. In Season β17, they played a hand in the effort to recover previous Fridays player Alyssa Harrell after her Redaction. The team managed to bring her back, bring her home, and give her a skateboard all in one go. Similarly, upon the opening of the Hall of Flame and the melting of the Coin in Season β24, the newly revived Hawai‘i Fridays navigated full speed directly from the Hall and towards the Horizon to complete one last skateboard trick before all of Baseball was nullified. This was due to the efforts of the Skate Gang, excited to be back in the game (though they were not back in the games), allowing the team to finish out the era in proper Fridays' style.

The Skate Gang is open to any and all members who want to join. While there is no official list of membership due to the lax entry rules, notable members of the Skate Gang include: Kingbird, Throgmorten, Harrell, Fletcher Berger II, Yasslyn Statter Jr., and community members such as local teen rascals and an actual bunny.



  • It's Island Time!
  • TGIF
  • Friday is inevitable
  • It's Friday!
  • Trans Gender It's Friday

For Other Teams

Current Players

Player   Cheer
Elijah Valenzuela
Annick Throgmorten 🛹
  • That's our cousin!
  • Throgchamp!
Anathema Elemefayo 📱
Famous Owens 🏆
Haruta Byrd 🐦
  • Byrd up!
Justice Spoon 🥄
  • Spoon scoops it! / GET SCOOPED!
Oxen Seo 🐂
  • Holy cow!
Basilio Fig 🌴
  • Fig hits big!
Silvaire Semiquaver 🎵
Svetlana Dickens 🌟
Harry Flora 🪴
Sexton Wheerer 🐎
  • I trust Sexton Wheerer.
  • No L in his name no L in his game.
  • Scuttle scuttle.
  • Wheerer, Wheerer, he's our man, if he can't do it no one can!
  • Wheerer, Wheerer, he's our horse, if he can't do it, no remorse!
Stephanie Schmitt 🧤
Eun Senior 🧓

Former Players

Player Cheer
Alyssa Harrell Harrell Check!
Beck Whitney H*cks for Beck!
Fenry Marlow (when they pitch a home run) HOMER, GO FETCH!
Gabriel Griffith GG!
Jacob Winner Winner Winner!
Juice Collins Blame it on the Juice!

The juice is loose!

Melton Campbell WHATSOUP!
Mordecai Kingbird That's our skatebird!
Nagomi Mcdaniel GO MI
Spears Taylor Cheers for Spears! / Fears for Spears!
Sutton Dreamy Dream on! / Dreamy Dreamy hot and steamy!
Thomas England (whenever he is mentioned at all in the discord) who?

(using discord reacts) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Valentine Games Val, Val, he's our gal, if they can't do it no one shall! (or "she's our pal")
York Silk York's Our Dork!

Short Circuits Players

Player Cheer
Moth Frosting (whenever they do anything at all or are mentioned in any way) Moth Frosting
Squid Broom 🦑🧹


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