Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 16

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The Hawai‘i Fridays finished 4th Mild Low in Season 16 and did not appear in the postseason. This election saw the Fridays receive a Will that displayed a 0% chance of occurring.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


Roster Changes


Day Player
97 Spears Taylor
98 Bates Bentley
98 Montgomery Bullock

Peanut Allergies Cured

Day Player
14 Spears Taylor
56 Jacob Winner


Day Roster Shuffled
74 Lineup

Items Gained/Lost

Day Player Item Lost Item Gained Source
10 Christian Combs Bat None
14 Christian Combs None Bat Salmon
20 Stevenson Heat Bat None
27 Spears Taylor Bat None
52 Fenry Marlow Bat None
57 Juice Collins Bat None
61 Stevenson Heat None Bat Salmon
66 Evelton McBlase Bat None
87 Fenry Marlow None Bat Salmon
EL Mordecai Kingbird Bat Skate Board Blessing: Skate Board



  • Teamicon fridays.png
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    • The Fridays vote to infuse Fenry Marlow's Pitching ability.
    • Fenry Marlow's Pitching is Infused.
      • Pitching 2.2 3.6
    • Fenry Marlow's Batting is Outfused.
      • Pitching 3.1 2.8
    • Transfuse - 40% of all Fridays Will Votes
      This Filing - 99% of Fridays Infuse Votes
      Final Odds - 39% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon georgias.png
    Equivalent Exchange


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Skate Board
    • Mordecai Kingbird dropped Bat.
      • - Bat
    • Mordecai Kingbird gained Skate Board.
      • + Skate Board
      • +  Pro Skater
    • The Fridays had 15% of the Votes
    • Highest Bidder - The Garages with 17%

Season Overview

The Fridays record continued to gradually improve this season, with multiple peanut allergies cured. The misfired Will moving 3-star pitcher Baldwin Breadwinner to the rotation, rather than the intended move of now-Georgia Montgomery Bullock to the Fridays' Shadows, was a cause of consternation for the team. The addition of Mordecai Kingbird's Skate Board had the opposite effect, and was seen as a great victory for the Fridays. This season also saw the construction of the Cookout's Birdhouses, which rapidly became a fan-favorite addition to the ballpark.