Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 19

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With the addition of the Turntables in Season 19, the Fridays' then record-setting 61-38 season correspondingly sank them to the bottom of the standings. Despite being randomly selected as the Mild Card for the postseason, the Fridays were unable to progress past the first round.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation


Notable Events

Tarot Reading


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Hoops - 4,351,871 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Ominousness + - 1,835,153 Coins Spent

Gift Shop

The Fridays received 3 gifts! - 14,204,351 coins contributed

Roster Changes


Day Fridays Player Swapped Other Player Swapped
4 Bates Bentley Don Mitchell 💋


Day Swept Elsewhere Player Cause Day Returning Days Elsewhere
36 Alyssa Harrell Flooding 38 2
88 Spears Taylor Salmon Cannons
88 Alyssa Harrell Salmon Cannons 96 8
98 Don Mitchell Flooding


Day Player Combined Star Change
7 Don Mitchell 22.8 23.4
92 Juice Collins 14.9 16.5
97 Stevenson Heat 16.8 18.3
97 Fenry Marlow 12.4 14.3
97 Don Mitchell 23.4 24.7


Day Fridays Player Stat Change Other Player
86 Parasite Stevenson Heat Musclitude 3.4 3.7 Wyatt Mason X 🎸
86 Parasite Stevenson Heat Coldness 3.4 3.6 Brisket Friendo 🎸
86 Parasite Stevenson Heat Omniscience 2 2.2 Oliver Mueller 🎸
86 Parasite Stevenson Heat Shakespearianism 1.5 1.7 Oliver Notarobot 🎸
86 Parasite Stevenson Heat Suppression 6 6.2 Brisket Friendo 🎸
97 Spears Taylor Pitching 6 6.2 Jacob Haynes 🍬

Peanut Allergies Cured

Day Player
79 Mordecai Kingbird

Items Gained/Lost

Day Player Item Lost Item Gained Mods Gained/Lost Source
4 Spears Taylor Arm Shoes Broke
13 Stevenson Heat Smokey Blood Sunglasses Parasitic Leg Bat +  Parasite Prize Match (vs. )
23 Evelton McBlase Leg Necklace Slimy Ring of Vitality Community Chest
26 Fenry Marlow Hearty Cool Rock Bat Hard Ring Prize Match (vs. 🏋️‍)
40 Juice Collins Bat Salmon
43 Mordecai Kingbird Smooth Helmet -  Smooth Broke
50 Valentine Games Bat (Broken) Rock Jersey Community Chest
67 Mordecai Kingbird Smooth Helmet +  Smooth Salmon
LS Spears Taylor Arm Shoes (Broken) Repeating Broom +  Repeating Handcrafted Quill Drop (Gift)
76 Yosh Carpenter Paper Shoes Salmon
81 Valentine Games Rock Jersey Shoes of Strength Community Chest
99 Bates Bentley Bat Broke
EL Garcia Tabby, Mayra Buckley, Stephanie Donaldson, Lizzy Pasta, Hops Slumps, Jammy Decksetter, Timmy Manco, Melton Campbell, Leticia Lozano, Caleb Morin, Butch Wyeth Sunglasses Shadow Sunglasses Supply Run Decree
EL Pug Meatbrick Aluminum Sunglasses Shadow Sunglasses Supply Run Decree
EL Mckinney Vaughan Golden Sunglasses +  Super Idol Shadow Sunglasses Supply Run Decree
EL Nicholas Nolan, Cory Novak Spicy Sunglasses +  Spicy Shadow Sunglasses Supply Run Decree
EL Itsuki Winner Rock Sunglasses Shadow Sunglasses Supply Run Decree




Season Overview

This season saw an early Feedback event that traded league-wide baserunning idol Don Mitchell to the Fridays. This addition would see the Fridays approach even greater heights during the regular season, holding a then-high record of 61-38. Despite the Turntables decree, passed the previous season, placing the team squarely at the bottom of Mild Low - with a bigger negative number of wins than any team in the ILB save the 75-24 Philly Pies - the Fridays were randomly selected as Wild Cards for the postseason. The Fridays would not advance past the first round, something partially attributed to the vaulting of star slugger Valentine Games, as well as absence Elsewhere of new star baserunner Don Mitchell. While Games was not the first major player the Fridays had lost in their history, this loss certainly took its blow on the Fridays offense. Games was the seventh player vaulted in the Discipline Era, and the only one vaulted during Season 19.

At the elections, the Fridays had multiple misfires. After the Foreshadow will swapped Yasslyn Statter Jr. to the rotation for Mordecai Kingbird, a Move will misfired to move Kingbird to the Shadows a second time, and a 0% Equivalent Exchange swapped Skate Board holder Alyssa Harrell for Firefighters' Gabriel Griffith. While the Fridays successfully acquired Sunglasses for their Shadows and pulled a lucky boost for already formidable walk-drawer Spears Taylor, their lucky win of the Shadow of the Bats Blessing boosted pitching rather than batting for the team.