Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 17

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Season 17 was the Hawai‘i Fridays' most successful season of the Discipline Era. After qualifying as the 4th seed in the Mild League, the Fridays would continue to the Internet Series against the Tacos in their only Internet Series appearance before the Black Hole reset the universe. While ultimately defeated, this remains a landmark in Friday's history.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


Roster Changes


Day Fridays Player Swapped Other Player Swapped
37 Christian Combs Lady Matsuyama 🛠️


Day Swept Elsewhere Player Cause Day Returning Days Elsewhere
27 Yosh Carpenter Salmon Cannons 76 49
65 Sutton Dreamy Salmon Cannons 68 3


Day Fridays Player Stat Change Other Player
11 Sutton Dreamy Defense 2.2 1.1 Goodwin Morin 👟
20 Sutton Dreamy Continuation 3 2.8 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Spears Taylor Ground Friction 1.9 1.7 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Sutton Dreamy Tragicness 0 0.2 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Jacob Winner Shakespearianism 3.4 3.2 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Christian Combs Continuation 0.3 0.1 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Christian Combs Tragicness 4.1 3.9 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Sutton Dreamy Overpowerment 1.4 1.2 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Spears Taylor Unthwackability 2 1.8 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Christian Combs Ruthlessness 3.4 3.2 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
20 Bates Bentley Thwackability 4.6 4.4 Parasite Tiana Takahashi 🥧
24 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner Suppression 0.6 0.8 Allison Abbott 🥩
24 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner Laserlikeness 0.6 0.9 Rai Spliff 🥩
24 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner Coldness 2 2.2 Allison Abbott 🥩
24 Parasite Baldwin Breadwinner Shakespearianism 2.7 2.9 Zephyr McCloud 🥩
67 Spears Taylor Pitching 1.8 2.3 Malik Destiny 🎸
67 Beck Whitney Defense 5.3 5 Beans McBlase 🗣️

Consumer Attacks

Day Player Change
101 Fenry Marlow Defended with Bat
101 Beck Whitney Defended with Bat

Peanut Allergies Cured

Day Player
52 Juice Collins
54 Evelton McBlase

Items Gained/Lost

Day Player Item Lost Item Gained Source
27 Spears Taylor None Bat Salmon
30 Jacob Winner Bat Head Cap Community Chest
62 Yosh Carpenter Bat Paper Shoes Glitter
63 Jacob Winner Head Cap Rock Shoes Community Chest
94 Sutton Dreamy Bat Mesh Cap of Vitality Community Chest
101 Fenry Marlow Bat None Consumer Attack
101 Beck Whitney Bat None Consumer Attack
107 Juice Collins None Bat Salmon
EL Stevenson Heat Bat Smokey Blood Sunglasses Handcrafted Sunglasses Drop Blessing



  • Teamicon fridays.png
    • The Fridays vote to infuse Juice Collins' Pitching ability.
    • Juice Collins' Pitching is Infused.
      • Pitching 4.4 5.8
    • Juice Collins' Defense is Outfused.
      • Defense 3.3 3
    • Transfuse - 41% of all Fridays Will Votes
      This Filing - 94% of Fridays Infuse Votes
      Final Odds - 38% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    • The Fridays choose to reroll Beck Whitney's Roamin' mod.
    • Beck Whitney re-rolled from Roamin' to High Pressure.
      •  Roamin'
         High Pressure
    • Reform - 4% of all Fridays Will Votes
      This Filing - 97% of Fridays Move Votes
      Final Odds - 4% chance of happening.


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Handcrafted Sunglasses Drop
    • Stevenson Heat dropped Bat.
      • - Bat
    • Stevenson Heat gained Smokey Blood Sunglasses.
      • + Smokey Blood Sunglasses
    • The Fridays had 11% of the Votes
    • Highest Bidder - The Crabs with 12%

Season Overview

This season had a number of both positive and negative landmark events for the Fridays. A feedback event swapped former team captain Christian Combs for Mechanics sweetheart Lady Matsuyama mid-season, and a slew of Bloodrain games saw the Fridays start to lose stars in the first season they had enough eDensity to encounter Consumers. However, the star lineup, now including Matsuyama but also including multiple MVP winner Valentine Games and the equally high-starred Beck Whitney, carried the team to the Internet Series. This was the first time the Fridays made it to the final series.

In the third game of the Mild League finals against the Pies, long-time Friday and fan favorite player Alyssa Harrell emerged from The Oven's secret base with the Attractor mod. Spears Taylor would bat her in, and while the Fridays would lose that game, they would go on to win the next two and qualify to play the Tacos in the Internet Series. The Tacos promptly swept the Fridays, shaming them in the third game to take home their first championship. The Fridays never reached the Internet Series again in the Discipline Era.