Hawai'i Fridays/Beta/Season 23

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Season 23 was heartbreaking for the Fridays, as they failed to perform poorly enough to proceed through the Underbracket past the first round. The ILB Semi-Centennial at the end of the season would bring further loss before the ultimate set-up came at elections.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation


Notable Events


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Birds + - 5,173,638 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Ballpark Cleanup - 4,902,323 Coins Spent

Gift Shop

The Fridays received 2 gifts! - 5,708,735 coins contributed

  • Top Contributors:
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Early to the Party, Team Edition - Wishlist #1
    • The Fridays are equipped with Early to the Party for the rest of the season!
      • +  Early to the Party
  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Steel Chair Drop - Wishlist #2
    • Lady Matsuyama dropped Holey Ring.
      • - Holey Ring
    • Lady Matsuyama gained Repeating Chunky Steel Chair
      • + Repeating Chunky Steeled Chair
        +  Steeled
        +  Repeating
        +  Chunky
  • The Fridays were top contributors to the gifts of the 🔥Firefighters (19%, #3 contributors) and 💋Lovers (14%, #3 contributors).

Roster Changes


Day Active Player Shadowed Shadowed Player to Lineup Stars Gained by Shadow
72 Samothe- -embé-é Mordecai Kingbird 13.7 14.4

Fax Machine

Day Active Player Shadowed Shadowed Player to Rotation Stars Gained by Shadow
72 Fenry Marlow Alyssa Harrell 16.9 17.4
83 Don Mitchell Spears Taylor 24.7 25.8
93 Juice Collins Don Mitchell 16.5 17.2
94 Alyssa Harrell Itsuki Winner 15.3 15.9
94 Itsuki Winner Alyssa Harrell 11.3 11.9
95 Spears Taylor Itsuki Winner 15.4 15.9


Day Swept Elsewhere Player Cause Day Returning Days Elsewhere
22 Cordula Standlake Flooding 72 50
25 Samothes Dembélé Flooding 44 19
49 Bates Bentley Flooding 55 6
49 Stevenson Heat Flooding 63 13


Day Fridays Player Stars Change Other Player
61 Bates Bentley Defense 2.8 3.3 Washer Barajas


Day Player Combined Stars Gained
92 Bates Bentley 13.8 15
92 --r---- S-a-d-ak- 15.4 16.7
92 Spears Taylor 13.8 15.4
95 Don Mitchell 25.8 27.1

Items Gained/Lost

Day Player Item Lost Item Gained Mods Gained/Lost Source
10 Samothes Dembélé Holey Rubber Sunglasses Cookout Phantom Thieves' Guild, from Wyatt Mason IV🥩
17 Melton Campbell Sunglasses The Gleek Smithy
17 Don Mitchell Lucky Travelling Shoes of Wisdom Stolen by Jacoby Podcast🗣️ via Tunnels
19 Melton Campbell Sunglasses Broke
23 Don Mitchell Rock Sunglasses of the Feast Community Chest
49 Lady Matsuyama Holey Ring Broke
51 Juice Collins Rock Cap Community Chest
66 Lady Matsuyama Ring Glitter
LS Lady Matsuyama Ring Repeating Chunky Steel Chair +  Steeled +  Repeating +  Chunky Steel Chair Drop (Gift)
74 Melton Campbell Sunglasses Rock Gloves of Intelligence The Cookout Phantom Thieves' Guild, from Phineas Wormthrice🌞
79 Evelton McBlase Smooth Wooden Jersey Metaphorical Passionate Ring -  Smooth Community Chest
80 Juice Collins Rock Cap Rubber Concrete Glove of Wisdom Stolen from Mindy Salad💋 via Tunnels
91 Bates Bentley Bat Broke
93 Bates Bentley Bat (Broken) Frosty Head Necklace +1 The Cookout Phantom Thieves' Guild, from Kathy Mathews🎸
101 C-r---- S-a-d-ak- Aluminum Glove Weird Helmet Glitter


Party Favors

  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Team Squiddish Crate - 165,411 Votes, 40% of all Decree Votes


  • "scoring play"
      • +  Under Review


  • Teamicon fridays.png
    Season 3: Exploratory Surgeries
    • Lady Matsuyama's Pitching was re-rolled.
      • Pitching 2.8 2
    • Lady Matsuyama's Pitching was re-rolled.
      • Pitching 2 2.5
    • Lady Matsuyama's Pitching was re-rolled.
      • Pitching 2.5 1.7
    • The Fridays had 2% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Crabs with 22%

Season Overview

A hectic season for the Fridays saw Shadows coming and going via the Phantom Thieves' Guild, in and out of play via via the Voicemail and, more often, the Fax Machine. Fans of the Fridays rejoiced to finally be offered the "Birds +" renovation for The Cookout, implemented at Latesiesta. While the Fridays made it to the Underbracket due to the Mild Card promotion of the San Francisco Lovers to the Overbracket, the Philly Pies were defeated, and thus advanced, after only 2 games in the postseason.

Two Fridays MVPs joined the Rising Stars for the ILB Semi-Centennial: Don Mitchell and Lady Matsuyama. Only Matsuyama would return to Hawai‘i, as Mitchell was the first of the Rising Stars "collected" by the Vault Legends, becoming Legendary and joining the team from the Vault. With this loss, the Fridays no longer had a classical "star player" representative of the era's comically high star counts.

At Elections, the Fridays chose an option no other team did, electing to receive the Squiddish Crate from Lōotcrates. With concerns about Parker MacMillan's impending release from the Vault, only the Fridays chose to gain this modification that would allow a previously incinerated team to rejoin active play. Some fans noted this as a conscious decision to confront the impending League-wide crisis, placing trust in the Monitor rather than any of Lōotcrates' other offers. Fridays also won the Exploratory Surgeries blessing, which ultimately only harmed already poor pitcher Lady Matsuyama, who returned from the Semi-Centennial to the Fridays' Rotation rather than her previous spot in the Lineup. Along with all other teams, the Fridays gained the Under Review modification from the Reader. Alejandro Leaf roamed to the Fridays.

Parker MacMillan left the Vault and joined the Fridays as well, causing all players in the Vault to become Unstable. For the Fridays, this was functionally a death sentence, as MacMillan's Super Roamin' mod would trigger one week into the following season and cause the entire team to become Unstable.