Hawai'i Fridays/Gamma/Season 3

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Gamma 3's only season saw the Fridays at the bottom of the highly competitive Sea league.


Lineup Rotation



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    Foot Warmers with 5,118 Votes, 63% of all Decree Votes


Season Overview

Despite a Midseason Election bringing another guaranteed boost to the Fridays, making the entire lineup decently good baserunners, the Fridays were at the bottom of their division until the end of this circuit. A plurality of votes charged Valentina León to the Microphone at the end of this season.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

This universe's Hawai‘i was cold, and the Fridays of this world knew nothing else. The ocean around the islands was frozen - both in ice and time - something some have attributed to Our Lady of Perpetual Friday, though her presence was otherwise unobserved during this Short Circuit. Many Fridays enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, and extreme vehicular snowsports, giving rise to some references connecting this universe with the famous entertainment franchise, The Fast and the Fridayous.