Concrete Mandible

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Concrete Mandible is a lineup player in the Shadows for the Tokyo Lift, and has been with the team since the Season β10 elections.

Official League Records

Mandible joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Tokyo Lift during the Season β10 elections after the Ascension of the Baltimore Crabs.

During the Season β12 Elections, Mandible retreated to the Lift's Shadows in exchange for Silvaire Semiquaver as a result of the Foreshadow Will.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Concrete Mandible Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-82.934 and start reading...

Concrete Mandible is an "art piece" by Hitoshirezu-no-mizuumi-sama.

Mandible is composed of concrete and rebar from different eras of Tokyo's recent history. It is 7 meters long from snout to tail-tip and carved in the shape of an Olm, a species the most ancient and honorable artist was only recently exposed to. It owns a briefcase that it carries around. It has been spray-painted with Tokyo Lift centric murals and has googly eyes embedded in its head.

Creation and Meaning

Mandible was created the first time a hunk of concrete inexplicably made it into the Lazarus Pit beneath Tokyo. For a time, this happened often enough, and was disruptive enough to the local kami, that she, most hidden and resplendent, was inclined to do something with the pieces- and thus, the idea of fusing them into a living thing was born. The power of the Lazarus pit animated the now-coming together Concrete Mandible fairly slowly, but it was fully awake before it was "complete", and is thus missing some sections on its tail and back. Concrete Mandible has come to symbolize the balance of nature and technology in Tokyo, along with symbolizing transformation and reclamation.


Concrete Mandible is catastrophicably bad at Blaseball. While it poses itself dramatically on street corners and in train stations, please do not hand it a bat for your own safety.

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