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The inaugural Coffee Cup was held during the Grand Siesta as an exhibition tournament. Players from existing ILB teams were assigned to exhibition teams based on their Coffee Style and their status on the idol board. Of the 15 players on the Tokyo Lift, 12 were assigned to Coffee Cup teams.

Team Assignments

Players were sorted into Coffee Cup teams based on their preferred Coffee Style, with the exception of those whose preferred style was Anything; these players were not sorted onto teams. Following this, the active roster of teams were determined by positions on the Idol Board: the 14 most idolized players per coffee style became the active roster, and the remainder became the team's shadows.

Player Coffee Style Team Position Team Outcome
Stijn Strongbody Latte Atlético Latte 🏆 Quarterfinalists
Nandy Slumps Latte Atlético Latte 🏆 Quarterfinalists
Freemium Seraph Plenty of Sugar Royal PoS 👑 Quarterfinalists
Gerund Pantheocide Flat White FWXBC 🏳️ Runner-Up
Val Hitherto Flat White FWXBC 🏳️ Runner-Up
Grollis Zephyr Flat White FWXBC 🏳️ Runner-Up
Elwin McGhee Macchiato Macchiato City 🌃 Quarterfinalists
Lotus Mango Decaf Club de Calf 🐮 Semifinalists
Cudi Di Batterino Decaf Club de Calf 🐮 Semifinalists
Lance Serotonin Light & Sweet Light & Sweet Electric Co. 💡 Eliminated in Round 1
Wyatt Quitter Light & Sweet Light & Sweet Electric Co. 💡 Eliminated in Round 1
Yusef Fenestrate Heavy Foam Heavy FC Quarterfinalists
Concrete Mandible Anything n/a n/a n/a
Ayanna Dumpington Anything n/a n/a n/a
Coolname Galvanic Anything n/a n/a n/a