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Season β14 for the Tokyo Lift was marked by some of the greatest highs and lows that the team had encountered. The Lift experienced the most success in their career to this point, making it to the second round of the postseason. However, they also suffered a loss when original team member Wyatt Quitter echoed into Static at the end of the season.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


In the seasonal tarot reading, the Lift's card in the Arcana was pulled. The full reading was as follows.

XI Strength
III The Empress

    • +  Receiver
    • +  Receiver

The Lift, corresponding to XI Strength, received the Receiver modification for Wyatt Quitter. Similarly, the Boston Flowers, corresponding to III The Empress, received the Receiver modification for Moses Mason. Fans have noted that both Wyatt Quitter and Moses Mason are survivors of the Wyatt Masoning.


Roster Changes

PsychoAcoustics and Static

Day Player Event Notes
Earlsiesta Wyatt Quitter Gained Receiver modification Result of seasonal tarot reading
Latesiesta Wyatt Mason Localized onto lineup Result of PsychoAcoustics in The Gym
79 Wyatt Quitter Gained Echo modification Result of echoing Wyatt Mason
81 Wyatt Mason Echoed into Static Along with Wyatt Mason VII
99 Wyatt Quitter Echoed into Static Along with Wyatt Mason VI


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
18 Lance Serotonin Flooding 31 13 days n/a
64 Yusef Fenestrate Flooding 70 6 days n/a
69 Elwin McGhee Flooding 84 15 days n/a
105 Yusef Fenestrate Flooding n/a n/a n/a

Peanut Allergies

Day Player Event
87 Lance Serotonin Allergy cured by Peanut Mister
98 Yusef Fenestrate Allergy cured by Peanut Mister
99 Freemium Seraph Allergy cured by Peanut Mister


Players on the idol board in certain positions would receivethe Ego modification and subsequent boosts. On Day 99 this season, the following player(s) received the following boosts.

Player New Ego Level
Goodwin Morin Ego++

Election Results


  • Teamicon lift.png
    • The Lift chose to bring Cudi Di Batterino forth from the shadows, via a foreshadow swap with Val Hitherto.
    • The Lift made a roster move.
    • Val Hitherto entered the Shadows.
      • Combined 11.6 12.2
    • Foreshadow - 35% of all Lift Will Votes
      This Filing - 94% of Lift Foreshadow Votes
      Final Odds - 33% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon lift.png
    • The Lift vote to infuse Engine Eberhardt.
    • Engine Eberhardt is Infused.
      • Combined 10.2 15.5
    • Infuse - 40% of all Lift Will Votes
      This Filing - 87% of Lift Infuse Votes
      Final Odds - 35% chance of happening.


  • Teamicon lift.png
    Buttered Up blessed the Tokyo Lift.
    • The Lift will now pay out double for the Popcorn Snack.
      • +  Buttered Up
    • The Lift had 4% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Tigers with 10%
      69,767 votes were cast.
  • Teamicon lift.png
    Soul Swap blessed the Tokyo Lift.
    • Freemium Seraph's hitting was re-rolled.
      • Batting 1.9 1.6
    • Freemium Seraph's hitting was re-rolled.
      • Batting 1.6 2.5
    • Stijn Strongbody's hitting was re-rolled.
      • Batting 2.3 3.3
    • Freemium Seraph's hitting was re-rolled.
      • Batting 2.5 2.9
    • Elwin McGhee's hitting was re-rolled.
      • Batting 2.7 2.6
    • The Lift had 3% of the Votes
      Highest Bidder - The Garages with 32%
      251,147 votes were cast.

Season Overview

PsychoAcoustics and Static

In the Season 14 earlsiesta, the Strength card was drawn in the seasonal tarot reading. As a result of this, Wyatt Quitter gained the +  Receiver modification, along with their former teammate Moses Mason of the Boston Flowers.

In the latesiesta, the Lift built the PsychoAcoustics modification for their stadium. As a result of the modification, Wyatt Mason localized onto the Lift's lineup, appearing with the +  Echo modification.. On Day 79, Wyatt Quitter echoed Wyatt Mason, causing their Receiver modification to become an Echo modification.

On Day 81, Wyatt Mason and the Sunbeams' Wyatt Mason VII echoed one another, becoming the third pair of Wyatt Masons to echo into static. On Day 99, in a game against the Boston Flowers, Quitter and the Flowers' Wyatt Mason VI echoed into Static, marking the Lift's first somewhat-death of an original team member.

Postseason and Election

The Lift had their most successful regular season to date, but ultimately entered Party Time on Day 98. However, thanks to the luck of the draw, they were selected as the Wild Card. The Lift proceeded to defeat the Flowers in the first round of the postseason, 2-1, before ultimately losing to the Tigers in the second round with a 2-3 series.

In Season 14, the Lift received two Wills, using them to infuse Engine Eberhardt and foreshadow original pitcher Val Hitherto in exchange for Cudi Di Batterino. The Lift also received two blessings: the Buttered Up blessing, which meant that they would pay out double for the popcorn snack, and the Soul Swap blessing, which improved the hitting capabilities of Stijn Strongbody and Freemium Seraph, and slightly worsened the hitting capabilities of Elwin McGhee.