Tiana Takahashi

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Tiana Takahashi is a player for the Tokyo Lift and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Takahashi has played for the Philly Pies.

Official League Records

Takahashi joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Philly Pies with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β15 elections, Takahashi joined the Pies' pitching rotation in exchange for Doc Anice as a result of the Pies' Foreshadow will.

During Season β16, Takahashi started the season pitching back-to-back games to make up for Nerd Pacheco being  SHELLED, but later swapped spots in the rotation due to Reverb on Day 34.

During the Season β18 election, Takahashi's Slimy Hot Skate Helmet was moved to Ruslan Greatness via the Pies' Item Move will.

On Season β20, day 21, Takahashi retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Lucy Tokkan as a result of Tastycake Stadium's Fax Machine. On Day 28, Takahashi rejoined the active roster in exchange for Henry Marshallow again via the Fax Machine.

During the December 23, 2022 Fall Ball, Takahashi fell to the Tokyo Lift.

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Box of Tiana Takahashi Files

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Early life

Tiana Takahashi found national fame as a fearless BMX racer. She also gained local notoriety as a freestyling nuisance, treating the concrete street furniture of her Tokyo neighbourhood as a personal playground. A steady accumulation of slips, spills and fractures forced her into retirement while still in her teens; she reminds young fans to “wear pads. This is a world of falls and they've got your limbs outnumbered.”

Her interest shifted to motorcycles, and eventually to long-distance rides along Japan's winding coastal roads. She made solo trips in south-east Asia, across Australia and throughout North America. It was during an enforced stopover in Philadelphia that Takahashi signed up to play Blaseball, initially to pass the time while awaiting repairs to her beloved 1980 Honda Gold Wing.

Career with the Philly Pies

At the Return of Blaseball Takahashi joined the Philly Pies on the understanding that she be allowed to make her own way between series. She especially looked forward to their matches in Seattle and Mexico City. Arriving at each stadium by motorcycle, Takahashi became known for her pre-match donuts - not performing them, but buying a sackful from out-of-the-way bakeries recommended by biker friends and sharing them along both dugouts. The necessary detours often meant turning up with only seconds to spare and she got used to pitching the game still in her biking leathers.

With the Tokyo Lift

Takahashi was the ninth player to arrive in Tokyo during the Fall Ball. She was eager to reacquaint herself with the city and found a kindred spirit in cycle courier Özlem Suttner. The two became close, sharing tandem rides, spicy opinions on brake callipers and the position of Left Ranger. The Lift’s risible defensive stats throughout Season 1 were partly explained by the pair’s insistence on holding hands in the outfield.

Early in Season 2 Takahashi became the first player targeted by a Bard Umpire. She evaded the curse, but Suttner would not be so fortunate. After the latter’s abrupt departure from Tokyo, Takahashi threw herself into work at the team’s Legscraper stadium and community centre, where she leads regular classes in basic vehicle maintenance. She has described a renewed appreciation of Japanese landscapes and promotes Japan as a destination for two-wheeled touring. This goes beyond the coast roads and stunning mountain passes; she mischievously invites tourists to “get your kicks on E26”.

Takahashi counts herself wiser and more settled than the teenaged terror of Tokyo’s benches and bollards; she has nothing to prove and is casual about her achievements. Of necessity she travels more often with the team, but still delights in taking the open road between consecutive away series. She does admit to the occasional ill-advised stunt, acknowledging that pretty much any stunt is ill-advised on a fully-laden Honda Gold Wing.

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